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20 years of rethinking life

We are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in human high performance. We use this knowledge to help our clients improve their health and live the best possible lives they can. Our philosophy originates in Dr. Aki Hintsa’s work, where success is built on a foundation of holistic wellbeing. This approach has expanded and taken shape over the course of two decades, through the efforts of our multidisciplinary team of experts. 



How it all started

Dr. Aki Hintsa (1958-2016), the founder of Hintsa Performance, was a specialist in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. For a number of years during the 1990’s he lived in Africa, working as a missionary doctor. During this time, Hintsa had the chance to observe the training routines of elite Ethiopian distance runners. He was intrigued by their dominance in this demanding sport. He also observed how the athletes’ lived in a state of balance. Their lives were integrated, with all elements in their environment geared towards supporting their running ambitions. Hintsa soon came to the realisation, which later established the foundation of our philosophy, that success derives from holistic wellbeing.

In 1998, Hintsa began to work in the world of Formula 1, eventually becoming physician and chief medical officer for the McLaren team; a position he held for 11 years. This fast-paced environment provided the ideal context for Hintsa to put his ideas to the ultimate test. In parallel, Hintsa began to assemble a world-class team, to develop and scale his methods. The results speak for themselves. To the present day, Hintsa’s philosophy has supported eleven Formula 1 World Championship titles and Hintsa Performance has grown into a vast network of experts.

Working more efficiently, staying healthy, finding meaning and maintaining balance are goals that every one of us is trying to reach.

Aspiring to a better life

The challenges faced by Formula 1 drivers are special, but not unique. We may see the relentless and multi-faceted world of Formula 1, where stamina and optimal performance are required at all times, as the ultimate expression of the ‘busy life’ which characterises our culture. And working more efficiently and effectively, staying healthy, finding meaning and maintaining balance, are goals that every one of us is trying to reach.

At Hintsa Performance, we take pride in helping our clients to unlock their full potential for enjoying a better life and better performance. Our network of medical experts and renowned specialists offers coaching programmes to both individuals and organisations.