We strive for knowledge in human high performance to help our clients live the best possible lives they can. We believe that success is a by-product of wellbeing

Our multidisciplinary team of experts offers coaching to companies, elite athletes and private individuals. Our holistic approach to health and performance originates in the work of Dr. Aki Hintsa.


Remembering Dr. Aki Hintsa

We have lost a very dear friend and colleague, a truly great man, whose impact in this world will be bigger than we even know today. Aki's life-long mission to help people reach better life will now continue by his beloved colleagues.

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The Core – Better Life, Better Performance 

The Core is a unique book from the top of the Formula 1 world, where Dr. Aki Hintsa has for years guided drivers towards success, but more than anything, towards mental and physical wellbeing.

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