Dr Aki Hintsa Posthumously Awarded for his Work in Formula 1 and Beyond

The annual Finnish Sports Gala celebrates and awards athletes and influential sports people alike. This year the Sports Gala paid respect to the late Dr Aki Hintsa by awarding him for his achievements in one of the most challenging sports in the world, Formula One. The award was granted to Hintsa Performance that carries on Dr Aki Hintsa's important work.

An exceptional honour for a truly exceptional man

The award was granted specifically for being a supporting force behind winning athletes. Normally several candidates are chosen for the award, but this year there was only one clear recipient.

"Awarding Dr. Aki Hintsa was a very clear decision for the board. With the award, we wanted to pay respect to the long and precious work of Dr. Hintsa in both Finnish and international sports. Our appreciation towards his life work is extensive, and it is a great joy to see the work continue by Hintsa Performance", says Riia Martinoja, General Secretary of the Sports Gala.


Following in Dr Hintsa's footsteps

What started as an idea conceived in the mid-1990s in Ethiopia by Dr Aki Hintsa has now grown to a multinational company with offices in Helsinki, Geneva, London and Stockholm. Not only is Dr Hintsa’s work carried on by a wide network of experts, but also by his family members.

Aki’s oldest daughter, Annastiina Hintsa, has witnessed the growth of Hintsa Performance over the past decade. Annastiina currently works as the Head of Services at Hintsa Performance. She joined the company after several years working in top management consulting. Together with her sister Noora, Annastiina accepted the award at the Sports Gala on behalf of the entire Hintsa Performance.

”Throughout my life, I have got to witness first-hand the tremendous impact Aki’s message has on people. Aki wanted to be around, when we continue the mission of 'Better Life for everyone', but he was also clear that we may need to carry on the mission without him – if need be. I am proudly following in my father's footsteps and will ensure that his legacy lives on”, Annastiina stated.

Annastiina Hintsa and Noora Hintsa accepted the award (Urheilugaala: Pasi Salminen)

Annastiina Hintsa and Noora Hintsa accepted the award (Urheilugaala: Pasi Salminen)

The mission for a better life continues

Dr Hintsa will continue to be the inspiration and guiding light of Hintsa Performance going forward. Aki’s work will also carry on through Hintsa’s latest book ‘Exponential’, co-authored by Dr Aki Hintsa and James Hewitt, Head of Science and Innovation at Hintsa Performance. The book is launched at the World Economic Forum's 2017 Annual Meeting in Davos, where only last year Dr Hintsa hosted "one of the most hotly discussed events" of the entire week.

On behalf of all at Hintsa Performance, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Finnish Sports Gala for the award. As Aki used to say: "Better life belongs to everyone".

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