Achieving healthy balance and control

Individual coaching for Eric Tveter & his team

Eric Tveter is the CEO of the Central Europe Group within Liberty Global, the world’s largest international TV and broadband company. Liberty Global employs 41,000 people with operations in more than 30 countries. Mr Tveter joined the former UPC Cablecom in Switzerland in 2009. Prior to this, his experience includes various senior executive roles in the US, UK and European cable industries.
Starting point

Getting into battle condition

Tveter’s racing driver son Ryan started the Hintsa programme in 2012. After just a few months Ryan’s self-confidence and racing performance had risen to a new level. Seeing his son’s progression, Tveter wanted the same experience for himself and his executive team. Their market was incredibly competitive and the company had a tough struggle ahead, thus, Tveter wanted to get his team into battle condition.

Tveter had some great foundations in place already before starting his Hintsa journey. He had taken care of his physical condition and his diet was sensible, but after forty and as his metabolism had slowed down, he had started to notice some weight gain. He didn’t consume much alcohol, but work-related ceremonial functions with food and drink were common. His weekdays as a CEO of a major organisation were hectic and unpredictable. His calendar was packed, and even though burnout was not lurking just behind the corner, Tveter believed he would benefit from better energy levels, that would help him improve the quality of his work.


Taking back control

Eric Tveter and eight of his executive team members started a year-long personal coaching programme, with dedicated Performance Coaches for each individual. Under Hintsa’s guidance, Tveter and his team began to focus on taking control and managing their energy levels. For Tveter himself there was room for improvement in many elements, but the first targeted change was in nutrition. Having achieved a better balance of this eating habits, more focus was put on physical activity and finding time for exercise in a busy schedule.

Emphasis was also put on life-control and finding ways to prepare for stress factors. “Hintsa’s team inspired our team and me personally with their passion, intelligence, and knowledge about living an active yet restful lifestyle supported by the establishment of a more deliberate life purpose. They stretched us into a more balanced group where we have and give more energy to ourselves and others.” Tveter comments.


Improved focus and strength

With a focus on mental energy Tveter has re-connected with his love of reading, which in turn has helped stimulate his thinking and focus. As a consequence of his improved strength levels Tveter saw measurable improvements in his golf swing – on average his drive is now 30 metres longer than before.

Better group dynamics

The good results were not limited to Tveter only. The executive team that joined the programme also reported measurable improvements. Alongside their enhanced individual-life control, there was a noticeable positive impact on group dynamics. The executives not only took better care of their own wellbeing, but they also cared more for that of their colleagues too.

Interest in wellbeing

Tveter recognised the value of the Hintsa programme and acknowledged the need for ongoing momentum.  Tveter continued his Hintsa journey by having regular meeting with his dedicated Coach and Core Mentor even after his year-long programme. With a collective better understanding of wellbeing Tveter’s team continued to support him and one another.

"Hintsa's holistic approach to managing your mind, body and spirit is very effective and stays with you. The changes were small, but powerful in combination. I wholeheartedly recommend working with the Hintsa team."

— Eric Tveter, CEO of Liberty Global Central Europe Group