Our clients

Get to know more about some of the people
who have adopted our method.


Sebastian Vettel

Four-time Formula 1 World Champion

"In order to be able to focus and give your maximum, it is important to have the right professionals around you. I've got a team of people working hard to help me achieve my goals and pushing me forward. I count Aki Hintsa as foremost amongst these people. He is honest, calm, loyal, independent… characteristics that define an ideal working relationship."


Mika Häkkinen

Two-time Formula 1 World Champion

“I’ve worked with Aki and the Hintsa team for nearly 20 years. My goals may have changed, but the principles stay the same; I’m aiming for a lifetime of high-performance.”


Eric Tveter

Liberty Global plc, CEO of Central Europe Group

"Aki and his team inspired our team and me personally with their passion, intelligence and knowledge about living an active yet restful lifestyle supported by the establishment of a more deliberate life purpose.  They stretched us into a more balanced group where we have and give more energy to ourselves and others.  The Hintsa holistic approach to managing your mind, body and spirit is very effective and stays with you. The changes were all small, but powerful in combination.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with the Hintsa team."


Linda Liukas

Children’s book author, technology entrepreneur and speaker

"I had been looking for a model to help me improve my energy levels and bring consistency to my work and personal life. I get easily sucked in by work; I travel too much and spend a big chunk of my time inside my head. In addition, most of my professional role models are artists. The Hintsa model has been the perfect balance of relaxed and rigorous. It has helped me understand what I can learn from athletes and the science of wellbeing to make my own work better.“


Joichi Ito

University Lab Director and Entrepreneur

"The Hintsa Programme changed my life in many ways. I was already quite obsessed with wellness, but going through this process with Aki and his efficient team helped me bring a lot of fragmented pieces together. My key takeaway after completing the programme was a new way to maintain a balanced and sustainable change. Not to force change or change because someone tells me I should, but to change my habits because I want to.”