Executive Performance Challenge



Do you want to perform at the best of your abilities? Do you want to know how you perform compared to other leading executives in Italy? Inspire your employees to walk, run, swim and cycle more than any other Italian company – for a healthier workforce.

Garmin, the leading wearable manufacturer and Hintsa Performance, a leading high performance coaching company personally invite you to an exclusive 4-week Executive Performance Challenge to learn how you can reach better life and improved performance – both in an individual and organizational level.

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The Executive Performance Challenge in short:

  • A 1-month Executive Performance Challenge using Garmin devices and Hintsa Performance’s mobile application, named HeiaHeia. You will receive expert content, tasks and coaching through the app.
  • Executive closing event among all participants in Milan with keynote speeches, analysis of the results regarding participants’ performance and wellbeing.

Participants receive:

  • A vívosmart 3, Garmin’s latest smart fitness wearable to track your activities and wellbeing during the challenge
  • Tools and guidance from Hintsa Performance experts to improve your wellbeing and performance
  • The chance to interact and challenge other executives in Italy in a fun exercise challenge
  • The chance to collect valuable information about your own wellbeing
  • Learn the advantages of Garmin wearables for your employees’ motivation and binding and how to implement a Wellbeing Program for an entire organization

Possibility to participate in an exclusive Executive Event in Milan at the end of challenge to present results and with keynote speakers to dwell deeper into the topics of wellbeing, performance and measurability.

Looking forward to your participation!

Jussi Räisänen
CEO, Hintsa Performance
Jörn Watzke
Director of Global B2B, Garmin


Fenix 5 + 6-month HeiaHeia for workplaces license (100 employees) + 100 free vivofit3 + 30% discount-option for vívo-family as employee benefit program

2nd Place:
Fenix 5 + 3-month HeiaHeia for workplaces license (100 employees) + 30% discount option for vívo-family as employee benefit program

3rd Place:
Vívoactive 3 + 3-month HeiaHeia for workplaces (100 employees) + 25% discount option for vívo-family as employee benefit program


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