Our method

Get to know our holistic method
and the Circle of Better Life.


Our method

Get to know our holistic method
and the Circle of Better Life.


To be well is to be whole

Wellbeing is a holistic concept. This means that in order to improve our wellbeing, we need to think carefully about how all the elements in our life and environment interact. We also need to consider our journey – the big picture of our life – as we can only change for the better if we are clear about where we begin and what direction we want to move in. Big goals are achieved by taking small, meaningful steps which reflect our unique identity, challenges and objectives. 




The Circle of Better Life

Imagine a wheel constructed of six components. If one component breaks down, the wheel stops spinning. We can use this model to illustrate the holistic nature of wellbeing. In order for the wheel to spin smoothly, all six parts need to be in place and function well individually and with each other.

We call this wheel ‘the Circle of Better Life’.



The Core

Our Core, our sense of identity, purpose and control, is the heart of the Circle of Better Life. Our core holds the circle together and provides the motivational backbone to make meaningful changes in our lives and achieve our goals.

However, before we can address our goals – what we want – we need to begin by considering our identity: do you know who you are?

With a clearly defined identity and a strong sense of what we want, we can take the driver’s seat, assume control and begin the journey.

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you want? Are you in control of your own life?

Physical activity

Our bodies are built for movement, but both too much and too little can cause problems. Whilst sedentary lifestyles are a leading cause of poor health, we also see elite athletes suffering from symptoms of overtraining. In addition, evidence demonstrates that the health issues associated with sedentary behaviour occur independently of physical activity. In practise, even a daily workout leaves us susceptible to negative health effects if we sit in the office for the rest of the day. Regardless of where you are starting from, our coaches work to develop personalised training programmes that improve the quality and quantity of your physical training and daily movement.



Food is more than fuel. The food and drinks we consume support all our bodily functions and have a tremendous impact on our health and performance. Our program provides you with the best evidence-based advice available, with the aim of encouraging you to make food choices that will improve your health and performance, whilst respecting your individual needs.



Sleep is essential for our health and performance. Our brains and bodies require sufficient rest in order to function and stay healthy. However, sleep and recovery are some of the most undervalued elements in our busy lives. You may feel that you’re performing well with little sleep – but what if you discovered that your current output only represented a fraction of your full potential? Improving the quality of your recovery and helping you to find a sustainable balance between work and rest and are key components of all Hintsa programmes.



As a high-performing system, our bodies need maintenance to run smoothly. Many of us struggle with some type of musculoskeletal issue or limitation. Back pain, for example, can lead us to reduce our activity in an effort to protect the painful area. Our goal is to reduce the risk of injury and pain and help you to lead a life free from physical restrictions by enhancing your mobility, balance and movement control.


Mental Energy

Imagine your mental energy as a budget. Some activities, people and tasks drain our budget, others replenish it. It’s impossible to empty our lives of everything that consumes energy, but it’s important to consider how our budget is spent and prioritise time and energy investment where we find meaning and fulfilment. The key is to ensure a balance between things that take energy and things that energize us. 


General health

General health is the foundation of our wellbeing. By taking charge of your health, you can avoid many negative outcomes in the future. Our programme will help you to better understand your current state of health and take a proactive approach in improving it. It’s never too late to change trajectory.