Advisory & support

Lead your company’s wellbeing with data

Our aim is to create measurable impact in your organisation. As our client, you get access to our vast experience in planning and delivering wellbeing & high performance programmes for organisations. Together we will define your targets, plan a programme to fit your organisation’s needs and budget, and define the metrics against which we track progress.

A solid foundation

Advisory & diagnostics

Our proprietary organisational diagnostics services, developed in collaboration with Aalto University, allow us to measure the starting point of your organisation and understand the link between individual and organisational wellbeing & performance. This data will inform the decision on what areas we focus on and how we can target interventions to reach those parts of your organisation that will benefit most from our services.

Flawless execution

Programme planning & delivery

A dedicated Hintsa Programme Manager will work closely with your team to plan the schedule and delivery of the programme to ensure the highest possible impact. The Programme Manager is the first point of contact for any requests and helps coordinate the project, events, communication, and materials.

Maximising impact

Communication support

Effective communications is a key element for a successful programme. A dedicated Hintsa Programme Manager supports you in communications and makes sure you have all the support and material to reach your employees. We set up a dedicated web page with all the necessary information – from available services to latest news and company-wide wellbeing sessions. We also provide you with poster templates, roll-ups, table stands, and intranet banners.

Key elements of a successful company-wide programme

Leading by example

Senior manager buy-in about the importance of employee health and resilience is the foundation of every program.

Long-term commitment

Only long-term commitment and over-communication of a culture of care will enable healthy principles and behaviours.

Involve everyone

Personal health and performance remains the responsibility of each employee. Initiatives need to be designed to reach everyone.

Needs-based interventions

Measures need to consider the needs of the company and the employee. High-touch services targeted to those who need it.

Personalised approach

Wellbeing is personal – what’s one’s excitement is another’s burnout. Companies need strategies for different work intensities.

Plan, act, measure

Understanding where you are and where you want to go is key to plan and keep the organisation accountable.

"At KFH we believe that there is a clear and direct relationship between our employee wellbeing and our organizational performance. The Hintsa relationship has helped us accelerate this."

— Frederick Carstens, Group Chief Human Resources Officer at KFH

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Performance Coaching

Performance coaching

Our portfolio of coaching services is designed to cater to all levels of your organisation. From highly tailored coaching for top management, to lighter remote coaching interventions for bigger audiences, we believe that better life and better performance should be accessible to everyone.

Coaching services

Awareness & inspiration

Our keynotes and workshops cover a vast range of topics related to wellbeing and performance. We can host them for a specific team, department or even for your whole company. Our keynotes and workshops are always tailored based on the audience and the level of interactivity wanted.

Keynotes & workshops