Reaching sustainable habit change

CGI puts their people first

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest independent IT and business consulting services firm in the world. With 73,000 professionals, CGI delivers an end-to-end portfolio of capabilities, from IT and business consulting to systems integration, outsourcing services and intellectual property solutions. CGI helps clients digitally transform their organisations and accelerate results. CGI’s annual revenue in 2017 was C$10.8 billion.
Starting point

Humans are the key asset

Technology and machines drive the transformation, but humans remain the key asset, George D. Schindler, the President and CEO of CGI, believes. In order to help their employees perform at their full potential, CGI Finland wanted to provide their employees with a digital tool that gives access to inspirational content on holistic wellbeing, encourages sustainable healthy habits and enables the CGI knowledge workers to track their wellbeing and cheer for each other.


Encouraging healthy habits

CGI Finland introduced their employees with Hintsa’s mobile application, HeiaHeia, that supports sustainable healthy habits in an inclusive way. The app was provided to all employees through Mehiläinen, a leading private healthcare and social care provider and CGI Finland’s occupational healthcare provider. Together with Mehiläinen, CGI engaged their employees by organising monthly joint campaigns and provided tailored content to all users. “The app is very easy to use and really versatile. The wide range of activities makes sure that everyone feels welcomed to use the service”, Kirsi Kekkonen, CGI’s HR Specialist says.


High retention among CGI's knowledge workers

CGI employees have been using the app very actively. The joint campaigns have turned out massively successful and have encouraged CGI’s knowledge workers to track their wellbeing, start training programs, follow their progress and cheer for their colleagues. “Hintsa’s mobile app is a wonderful tool for improving your wellbeing and it is suitable for all sorts of people, no matter what your background or favourite activity is”, Kirsi Kekkonen, CGI’s HR Specialist concludes.


Different activity types logged


Training programs started

+32 000

Cheers given through the app

”The service encourages healthy habits and social interaction among our employees. Due to its inclusive nature, everyone can join the service and find their own healthy habits."

— Kirsi Kekkonen, HR Specialist at CGI

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