Creating community spirit at Deloitte

Healthier, happier employees

Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals. The company has more than 263,900 professionals at member firms delivering services in audit & assurance, tax, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, and related services in more than 150 countries and territories. Deloitte’s revenues for fiscal year 2017 were US$38.8 billion.
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Finding a healthy balance

The work at Deloitte can get intense. The company wants its employees to enjoy their work and also find enough time to rest and recover. Deloitte supports wellbeing and sustainable high performance with flexible working hours, remote working, and recreational activities. Deloitte also supports physical activity during office hours – employees are for example allowed to go for a run or visit the gym during the day. Deloitte Finland wanted to provide their employees with a digital tool that would encourage healthy habits and enable them to log activities and cheer each other.


Everyday wellbeing companion

Deloitte Finland introduced a mobile application to support healthy habits at the Deloitte Summit in November 2017. The app is developed together by Hintsa Performance and Ilmarinen, a leading pension insurance company and Hintsa’s long-term partner. The app is activated for all new employees as part of the occupational wellbeing programme. Deloitte challenged its units to engage in exercise and log activities onto the app as part of a competition. The users also received inspirational content on holistic wellbeing and self-leadership. “The app creates positive pressure but does not require users to run marathons”, Leena Nyström, Deloitte’s HR Talent Partner, says.


Improved community spirit across teams

A majority of Deloitte Finland’s experts have downloaded the app. It has quickly enhanced the feeling of community among the experts and become part of the daily routines of many of them. Deloitte employees have improved in all areas measured – from physical activity to nutrition and from attitude to energy. Praise has also been received for its versatility and ‘forgiving nature’, which has encouraged some of Deloitte’s experts to venture beyond their comfort zone and engage in new activities. “It’s great when the app also provides instructions on healthy activities,” Leena Nyström, HR Talent Partner, concludes.


Considered the service useful


Changed their lifestyle for the better

+20 000

Activities logged

"I use the mobile application every day and also follow updates from other users. Thanks to its social nature, the app creates community spirit across team boundaries and brings colleagues together. It's also really easy to use."

— Leena Nyström, HR Talent Partner at Deloitte

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