Wellbeing as a key priority

Preparing F-secure leaders for the future

F-Secure is a cyber security and privacy company with over 1,000 employees in over 25 offices around the globe. F-Secure is listed in NASDAQ OMX, Helsinki. The company has tens of millions of consumer customers and over 100,000 corporate customers around the world.
Starting point

Wellbeing as a key priority

Driving growth at a fast paced cyber security industry sets high demands for the leadership team. In order to lead a high performing organisation, you need to equally be able to lead yourself, thus it all starts from a personal wellbeing. The team wanted holistic guidance to keep themselves balanced in the midst of everyday rush, pressure and travelling. The team consisted of 9 individual, the whole leadership team including the CEO.


Engaging in intensive coaching

All 9 members went through a one year Hintsa programme of individual coaching with up to 20 personal meetings with their appointed Performance Coach. Medical check-ups by occupational healthcare provider were integrated into the programme. In addition to individual face-to-face sessions, a joint kick-off and closing event were organised, with regular lectures from Hintsa’s specialist in management meetings in between.


Major improvements across the team

Based on the medical data, the team reached major improvements, especially in the areas of General Health and Nutrition. Physical activity increased and movement capacity was enhanced. Alcohol and caffeine consumption was reduced and overall awareness of personal wellbeing increased. After the year-long programme, 8 members continued with quarterly coaching sessions with Hintsa.


decrease in the team’s cholesterol levels


improvement in VO2 max oxygen uptake levels


increase in the team’s body muscle mass

“The program was very good due to its holistic approach, well designed and backed up with a lot of data. I believe the program helped me to make some profound lifelong changes for better life and better performance.”

— Samu Konttinen, Chief Executive Officer

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