Better working life

Teaming up with the leading mutual pension insurance company

Ilmarinen is a leading Finnish pension insurance company. In 2018 following a merger with Etera, Ilmarinen will become the largest insurer in Finland’s private sector, managing the pension cover of more than 1.1 million Finns. Together with Ilmarinen we energise individuals, communities and corporations alike towards a better working life.
Starting point

The best of both worlds

The goal of Ilmarinen’s and Hintsa Performance’s partnership is to better understand people’s everyday lives and the state of occupational wellbeing in workplaces. Together we want to offer tools for improving wellbeing and work capacity on both a personal and company level.

While Hintsa brings to the table its holistic expertise in wellbeing and human high performance, Ilmarinen contributes with its extensive practical experience in work capacity management and wellbeing at work. By partnering with Ilmarinen we are able to make our services available to the entire Ilmarinen client base and guide employees towards better working life with our joint services.


Collaboration for digital engagement

Our collaboration aims to energise employees and workplaces and to boost their activities. To engage individuals and organisations at scale, we collaborated in launching a digital service, including a mobile application and special content. The service enhances individual employees’ energy and work capacity, whilst enabling an understanding of how they develop over time.

The service draws on Hintsa’s existing content and is complemented by new content created specifically for Ilmarinen’s customers, such as recommendations on how to set goals and interact with co-workers.


Happier, healthier and more productive employees

Our digital services raised great interest among employers and employees alike. In a matter of months, hundreds of companies have signed up for the service, with tens of thousands of employees activating their accounts.

Feedback from users speaks for itself. The service has inspired employees to learn about wellbeing and change their habits for the better. The functionality of the service has been praised and it has been considered a fun and engaging way to take care of one’s own wellbeing and work capacity.

75 %

of users changed their habits for better


of users learned more about wellbeing


of users considered on-boarding easy

"Many people use Hintsa’s digital services to find motivation for exercising and to monitor their progress. We are excited to co-operate with Hintsa and build new kinds of energising services for our customers.”

— Pekka Puustinen, Chief Customer Officer of Ilmarinen

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