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Successful collaboration for over 5 years

More than 80 years ago, a small, independent grocery wholesaler was born in Germany. Fast track to today and Lidl is one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe. Lidl operates in 30 countries across Europe and North America and has 225,000 employees worldwide. In 2017, Lidl’s revenue grew by 8.8% to EUR74.6 bn.
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Finding support for individual needs

Lidl finds it crucial to support its staff’s holistic wellbeing and it is a key part of the company’s operating model. People working for Lidl have a range of different job descriptions – from office to warehouse work and logistics. Lidl Finland was interested in boosting the team spirit and help their thousands of employees create healthier habits. They were looking for a modern, digital solution that would educate and motivate their employees throughout the year and bring people together by organising joint campaigns. Using Hintsa’s digital service, HeiaHeia, Lidl Finland was able to engage their employees in a whole new way to reach their goals.


Inclusive service for everyone

Lidl Finland employees have been using HeiaHeia for the past 5 years with great success. Some employees use the app as an exercise diary to follow their progress, while others want to share their hobbies with their colleagues or make use of the ready-made exercise programmes planned by Hintsa’s experts.”HeiaHeia is well suited to geographically “dispersed” companies, because it is always available to everyone”, Sanna Rainio, Head of Human Resource Development and Recruitment at Lidl Finland, comments. Most joint campaigns have been organised so that the employees take part as teams. Even an international contest between Lidl employees of Finland and Sweden was organised. The employees encourage each other actively in HeiaHeia and have thereby also learned to know other colleagues that may work in completely different locations.


Constant demand for more

The joint campaigns have encouraged Lidl employees to make healthy life choices and there’s demand for new campaigns all the time! The number of users always goes up when new campaigns are launched. “HeiaHeia can be used in a number of ways. Whether you start using it to increase the workplace’s sense of community, to support training, as an exercise diary, to learn new things or whatever – anyone interested in their wellbeing is sure to find something useful in the app”, Sanna Rainio, Lidl Finland’s Head of Human Resource Development and Recruitment, comments. “I believe the service has helped prevent problems in advance. Employees who, thanks to using the app, have got into better shape or otherwise increased their wellbeing, are doing better both at work and in their free time.”

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"We wanted to support our employees to feel better comprehensively. Being well or feeling healthy is not just about physical activity, but also about creating positive habits. Expertise from Hintsa Performance has motivated and had a positive impact in the work community.”

— Cecilia Drott, Project Manager at Lidl

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