Improving mental & physical performance

Pontos invests in their own people

Pontos is a family-owned investment company that invests in real estate, real estate technology and growth companies. In 2018 Pontos’ portfolio companies employed approximately 6,300 people and owned 590,000 m2 of real estate.  As one of Hintsa’s key investors, Pontos was curious to understand, how the Hintsa coaching could improve their own team’s mental and physical performance.
Starting point

The healthier the people, the healthier the business

Pontos invested in Hintsa Performance in June 2018. A couple of months later, the entire Pontos team participated in Hintsa Teams coaching programme. Pontos believes that a healthy team makes a high-performing team – that when their own people feel better, the productivity and performance of the entire company improves. One of the targets of the programme was to support their team members’ individual goals – whether they dealt with improving their sleep, nutrition, marathon score, or maintaining sufficient energy throughout the day. The other ongoing target is to improve the wellbeing and performance in all their portfolio companies.


Finding the key levers to improve health, wellbeing & performance

Each Pontos team member was paired with their dedicated Hintsa coach. The coach tailored the programme based on the participant’s specific needs and goals and provided support throughout the programme. This didn’t require them to suddenly stop eating certain things or start running marathons – but to rather find the key levers so each team member could achieve improved health, better quality of life and optimal performance. Each participant also went through extensive physical and medical assessments and consultation by a Hintsa doctor and a network of Hintsa experts. Additional elements, such as joint team offsites, training sessions and interactive workshops were added to support the optimal performance of the Pontos team.


Improved individual and team performance

The programme raised Pontos team members’ awareness in health, wellbeing and sustainable high performance. It showed them how to reach the lifestyle they personally desire and provided concrete tools to make it happen. The most surprising revelation was the impact that comes  from making a number of small habit changes over a long period of time. After 10 months, each participant had improved their wellbeing and performance depending on their specific priorities. The joint training camps were seen as one of the highlights of the programme – on top of the relevant and energising agenda, they brought Pontos team members closer to each other and had a lasting impact on how they perform as a team. “Having completed the Hintsa coaching programme, I can really recommend it to management teams and business professionals with busy and stressful lives who have limited time for maintaining their health and performance.” Pontos Group’s CEO Timo Kokkila states.

Group results


decrease in visceral fat


decrease in body fat


improvement in VO2 max testing

"Each member of our team improved their wellbeing and performance depending on their specific priorities. We were actively supported by Hintsa's warm-hearted coaches who genuinely wanted to help us reach our goals."

— Timo Kokkila, Pontos Group's CEO

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