Creating value for generations

Building a high performing Rettig team

Rettig Group is a Finnish family-held investment company that creates value through responsible and active ownership. Rettig was established in Turku, Finland, in the 1840s and throughout its history the company has faced a number of strategic crossroads. Rettig Group approached Hintsa Performance to support their management team in yet another important juncture of the company – transforming from an industrial conglomerate into a leading investment company.
Starting point

Guiding the management through transformation

As Rettig Group is transforming into a leading investment company, it means that many things are changing and will continue to change in the company and the work community. During a change like this, it is important that the members of the management team are in a position to give all they’ve got to develop the company and work community at this crucial juncture of the company. Today, Rettig Group’s investments include Rettig ICC (indoor climate comfort), Nordkalk (limestone), Alandia (insurance), Terveystalo (healthcare services), eQ (asset management and corporate finance) and Anchor (financial investments). 


From medical assessments to personal coaching

We provided Rettig management team comprehensive services to help them improve their life and performance. The services included initial medical assessments and consultation by a doctor, three overnight offsite training camps, three face-to-face meetings with a Hintsa Performance Coach and two face-to-face meetings with a Hintsa Core Mentor. During the first training camp we measured participants’ biomechanics, fitness, oxygen uptake, and body composition. The tests were repeated during the final training camp. The training camps also consisted of inspirational workshops covering the different elements of Hintsa’s Circle of Better Life model.


Making the management team a close-knit group

Although personal wellbeing and healthy lifestyle were already important to all management team members, the Hintsa programme gave Rettig a new angle, and everyone was able to improve their life habits. One of the key results was to make the management team a close-knit group. Especially the overnight training camps had a major positive impact on the peer support. Now that wellbeing issues are clear in the minds of the management team, they will also be better team leaders and role models to the rest of the work community, thereby being able to prevent problems before they even occur. The leaders also improved their results in physical activity tests by 19%, and the visceral fat decreased on average by 9%.

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