Improving workplace wellness

Better energy levels and alertness with SKF

Manufacturing company SKF has been a leading global technology provider since it was founded in Sweden in 1907. SKF is a worldwide distributor of bearings and units, seals, mechatronics and lubrication systems. SKF has been a technical partner of the Ferrari Formula 1 team since 1947. The company’s global staff consists of close to 46,600 employees across 32 countries, with a team of 150 employees in Finland.
Starting point

Aiming for sustainable healthy habits

The Finnish team was looking for a workplace wellbeing programme that would inspire both intermitted and regular exercises.  It was important to find an easy solution to track physical activity as well as highlighting holistic wellbeing.

Hintsa and SKF began their successful partnership in the spring of 2015. The goal was to exercise the equivalent of a global tour of SKF sites.  Participants were able to track personal activity using HeiaHeia and Polar’s high-quality fitness trackers and sports watches.


Together around the world

The year-long wellness program started with an inspirational kick-off session for the entire Finnish staff and included several digital campaigns and team challenges. The primary target was to exercise the equivalent of a global tour of all SKF sites.

Employees could add to the distance travelled by logging in their personal activities; everything counted from walking the dog to training for a triathlon. After the first challenge, participants were rewarded with Polar’s latest fitness trackers. As an additional incentive, the company made donations to charity for all targets that were met. Staff were also encouraged to use the service beyond the set challenges, with numerous training programmes available, ranging from sports and activities to programmes that promote healthy rest and recovery patterns.


Achieving milestones as a team

Making the programme accessible for all, regardless of their fitness level, did wonders for participation. Close to 90% of SKF employees took part in the round-the-world journey. The goal of the first campaign – a total of 10,000km – was met in only 46 days, with an average of 4.5h of exercise per week. The second campaign, utilising Polar trackers, resulted in a total of 33 million steps. The trackers also enabled an overall view of rest and recovery patterns.

SKF has embraced their common goals and worked together to achieve them, which brought the workplace community closer. “Thanks to this project, we enjoy a newfound team spirit at SKF. We have also celebrated our milestones together,” comments Marketing Manager Juho Ristimäki. “People talk about their activities and cheer one another at work. I hear it all the time.”


of employees took part


reached in just 46 days

4.5h /week

of exercise on average

“HeiaHeia has inspired and increased physical activity among our staff, and there is now a real focus on keeping active. Our company has relatively low sickness absenteeism as it is, but I believe this service will help us reduce sick days even further.”

— Vesa Alatalo, Managing Director of SKF Finland

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