Changing the world of hotels

Hotel St. George and Hintsa redefine the hotel experience

The St. George Hotel in Helsinki represents a new chapter in the story of luxury hotels. The idea of balance between true relaxation and unforgettable experiences, rest and activity, has been the guiding light in creating the hotel’s novel concept. All aspects of St. George are designed to support their guests’ wellbeing, and Hintsa Performance has been a fundamental part in planning the hotel’s unique concept.
Starting point

Challenging old customs and attitudes

Hotel and travel sectors are both facing the same disruption. There is more interest in travel than ever before, and people are looking for unique experiences. Hotel St. George wanted to offer its guest more – more moments of wellbeing and personal choices. “We believe the new generation of travellers is looking for authentic experiences, companies with strong values, and communities in which to belong“, Roni Huttunen, General Manager at Hotel St. George, says.

“These themes require special know-how and deep understanding in order to be genuinely and credibly part of the St. George concept. Thus, the St. George team decided to contact Hintsa’s professionals”, Huttunen concludes.


Optimising wellbeing and performance while travelling

The Hintsa philosophy is central to St. George’s hotel experience and it can be seen everywhere. As well as tips for optimising wellbeing and performance while traveling, the rooms contain fitness bands and instructions for in-room exercises. The hotel gym has been designed by Hintsa’s experts and the members of the hotel spa St. George Care can book personal training sessions with a Hintsa coach.

The St. George Care even offers personalised sleep consultations, and the contents of the minibar have been reimagined to support a healthier stay. “Though it’s often necessary to make some compromises while traveling, those shouldn’t include nutrition or sleep“, Head of Wellbeing Experiences at St. George Linda Ekholm says.


International recognition and happy guests

The co-operation has not only made the guest experience better but also given St. George international recognition, as journalists and influencers find the wellbeing concept interesting. The unique concept has also resulted in the membership of the exclusive Design Hotels portfolio. The co-operation of St. George and Hintsa continues on many levels. 

“I think one of the best examples of our co-operation so far is the George TALK event, at which James Hewitt, Hintsa’s Chief Innovation Officer, shared his knowledge about optimising performance in our beautiful Wintergarden Restaurant”, Roni Huttunen concludes.

"With Hintsa's expertise and our facilities, we can push the boundaries and convince people to treat themselves holistically – also while travelling"

— Roni Huttunen, General Manager at Hotel St. George

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