Gamifying workplace wellbeing

How Ubisoft RedLynx reduced sick leaves by half while having fun?

Since the start of RedLynx in the year 2000 the company has created over 100 games for all major platforms, sold over 10 million copies and had their mobile games downloaded over 60 million times. Redlynx is part of Ubisoft, one of the biggest game publishers in the world, and employs over 140 creators and innovators.
Starting point

Motivating the whole team to make better choices

RedLynx had an idea: they wanted to gamify workplace wellbeing in order to reduce sick leave days and improve the overall wellbeing of the RedLynx team. And that is exactly what they did. The idea of the campaign was born about a year ago. RedLynx wanted to come up with something special and different – not just an average corporate wellbeing campaign. No, they wished to create a campaign which would really make a difference and motivate the whole team to make better choices in their daily life. That is where Hintsa Performance and Polar, a leading provider of heart rate monitors, activity trackers and bike computers, entered the picture.


Collecting points for a common goal

Together, we came up with a gamified challenge where RedLynx employees could collect points with different kind of wellbeing activities with the help of our mobile application, HeiaHeia, and Polar’s versatile wearable devices. The objective was not to compete against each other, but to work together collaboratively in order to achieve a common goal – the trip to Cologne to visit Gamescon, the world’s largest video game event. RedLynx wanted to consider wellbeing comprehensively from different viewpoints. That is why the participants could collect points not only from exercise, but also from sleep, healthy nutrition, positive feedback, mindfulness and moments in nature – just to mention a few.


Decreased sick leaves and improved wellbeing

One of the key factors in the success of the campaign was the fact that people could participate in the challenge with very diverse backgrounds and do their share in the common challenge – whether that was improving their sleep, taking more steps per day, or meditating daily. The participation rate was amazing: almost 80% of the team took part in the campaign. In addition RedLynx needed to half their average sick leave days in order to take the trip. In the end of the campaign the number of sick leave days was exactly half from the comparison number, and the trip to Cologne did happen.

"People are our most valuable asset and their wellbeing should be our priority. The competition of the talents is enormous and we need to keep coming up with new and innovative ways of helping people to be happy, energized and healthy."

— Salla Reinikainen, HR Superstar at RedLynx

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