Our track record

From Formula 1 to Fortune 500, and beyond

From sports to business, we have repeatedly proven our coaching method in the world’s most demanding environments. We have over 20 years of measurable results in helping our clients reach sustainable high performance. See some of our client cases to find out how we guide our customers to reach the optimal level of performance.
Unlocking sports potential

The drive to succeed

Our long-standing work with top athletes and sports teams has produced unparalleled results. In Formula 1– one of the most demanding sports in the world – Hintsa-affiliated drivers have won the last 10 World Drivers’ Championships in succession, for a total of 14 World Championships. Over the past five seasons, 96% of the available podium places have been won by a Hintsa-affiliated driver.

From paddocks to board rooms

Gaining a competitive advantage

In addition to our unrivalled sports results, we are trusted by the business leaders and high performers from hundreds of organisations, ranging from mid-sized to large global corporations. Our services have been also adopted by a vast number of entrepreneurs and smaller organisations. Most of our customers are from knowledge-intensive industries like management consulting, finance, and technology. 

Optimising performance with F1 methods

How do you function on 5 hours of sleep? Do you even notice a difference with 8 hours of sleep? Or have you conditioned yourself to function on 6 hours per night?

Our Managing Director Annastiina Hintsa, sat down with UBS and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport to share her experiences on why sleep is a key to achieving sustainable high performance – both in sports and business.

The science of human performance

With 21 Grands Prix, the Formula 1 season is a gruelling physical and mental challenge for the men and women of the paddock. So, how do they prepare for the demands of life on the road? How do they avoid injury? And what happens if they do succumb to illness?

Dr Luke Bennett, Hintsa’s Medical & Sports Performance Director shares how Hintsa coaches and specialists help the high performing men and women of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team to prepare and avoid injury.

Performing under pressure

Ryan & Eric Tveter – the rising GP3 star and the CEO of the Central Europe Group within Liberty Global, the world’s largest TV and broadband company – have turned to Hintsa to help them reach their full potential.

Watch the video to learn why executives are applying Formula 1 techniques to perform under pressure on CNNMoney Switzerland.


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