Our track record

From Formula 1 to Fortune 500, and beyond

From sports to business, we have repeatedly proven our science-based coaching methods in the world’s most demanding environments. We have over 20 years of measurable results in helping our clients reach sustainable high performance. See some of our client cases to find out how we guide our customers to reach the optimal level of performance.
Unlocking sports potential

The drive to succeed

Our long-standing work with top athletes and sports teams has produced unparalleled results. In Formula 1 – one of the most demanding sports in the world – Hintsa-affiliated Formula 1 drivers have won the last 11 World Drivers’ Championships in succession, making a total of 15 World Championships. Over the past seven seasons, 99% of the races and 96% of the podium places have been won by a Hintsa-affiliated driver.

From paddocks to board rooms

Gaining a competitive advantage

In addition to our unrivalled sports results, we are trusted by the business leaders and high performers from 500+ organisations, including 2/3 top management consultancies. We have successfully delivered +1000 intensive 1-2-1 coaching programmes. Most of our customers are from knowledge-intensive industries such as consulting, finance, law and technology. 

Investing in employee wellbeing pays off

At Hintsa, we use several methods to measure the success of our programmes – from medical examinations to surveys and in-depth interviews.

Example 1

A financial services company with more than 3000 employees, reached an 88% ROI on their company-wide wellbeing programme. Our services comprised of comprehensive coaching for the 16-strong executive team as well as services for the wider organisation, consisting of workshops, webinars, as well as digital engagement.



Example 2

The top management of a global industrial company, made significant improvements in areas related to stress and burnout. The biggest gains were seen in lowering the general and emotional stress levels among the managers. All top managers went through an intensive Hintsa Premium coaching programme, lasting for 12 months.



Example 3

An international services company, with more than 200 participants, improved in all the elements across Hintsa’s Circle of Better Life model. Our comprehensive services included remote coaching with a dedicated Hintsa coach, in-house coaching at the customer’s premises, group training sessions as well as joint off-site days.



Kuwait Finance House

88% ROI in a company-wide wellbeing programme

“Employee health and wellbeing is now a business value of strategic importance and is fast becoming a source of competitive advantage. At KFH we believe that there is a clear and direct relationship between our employee wellbeing and our organisational performance. The Hintsa relationship has helped us accelerate this”.

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Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 driver

From a young man to four-time world champion

“To be able to focus and give your maximum, it’s important to have the right professionals around you. With Hintsa I’ve got a team of people working hard to help me achieve my goals and pushing me forward.” 

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Crisis management initiative

Helping conflict resolution professionals perform on mission

”Conflict resolution is not a sprint, but a marathon. In most cases, the results of the work will not be visible until years later. Hintsa’s support helped us to reflect upon the topics of wellbeing and the importance of recovery.” 

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Prodeko, student & alumni guild

75% reduction in burnout risk among a student population

“The wellbeing lectures had a surprising side effect: they enabled a culture where people dared to be vulnerable. People can now talk about things that are less happy, like weaknesses, mental ill health, failure, and feeling tired.”

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Stella Hagelstam, Grand Prix Dressage Rider

Through tough times & towards podiums

“As an athlete, I feel significantly stronger in all aspects of my life because I have been guided to a better balance in recovery, nutrition, physical condition and mental strength.”

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Martti Nurminen, Business Executive

Regaining control & rediscovering identity and purpose

“I felt as if I had done 30 years worth of work in the past 15 years. The people at Hintsa helped me discover not only healthier habits but a better and more sustainable way to work and lead my team.“

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Optimising performance with F1 methods

How do you function on 5 hours of sleep? Do you even notice a difference with 8 hours of sleep? Or have you conditioned yourself to function on 6 hours per night?

Our CEO Annastiina Hintsa sat down with UBS and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport to share her experiences on why sleep is a key to achieving sustainable high performance – both in sports and business.

The science of human performance

With 21 Grands Prix, the Formula 1 season is a gruelling physical and mental challenge for the men and women of the paddock. So, how do they prepare for the demands of life on the road? How do they avoid injury? And what happens if they do succumb to illness?

Dr Luke Bennett, Hintsa’s Medical & Sports Performance Director shares how Hintsa coaches and specialists help the high performing men and women of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team to prepare and avoid injury.

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