Our technology

Designed to inspire and engage

Hintsa’s digital platform provides a full-stack data-based product for employee wellness. We build user interfaces for end-user programmes, coaches and other experts, as well as programme administrators, all running on the same backend and data.

Software that serves our service offering

We develop our own software products and partner with leading players to utilise the latest technology in our service offerings. Key use cases for our own software products include wellbeing tracking and habit building, creating and delivering content of our coaching programmes, social communities, coach tools, and employee surveys. We work with the most popular wearable device brands to integrate measurement data into our service offerings. For more detailed descriptions of our current software offerings, please see:

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Technology & processes

Mobile apps, cloud architecture, agile development

We develop native mobile applications for end-users for the most popular platforms, namely Android and iOS. We develop desktop web interfaces for coaching, employee surveys, social communities, and reporting. Our backend runs on a cloud computing architecture that ensures maximum scalability, availability, and security. Process-wise, we are an agile product development organisation.

The team

A full stack of capabilities

Our software development team is located in our Helsinki office. The team consists of professionals in product management, design, mobile app development, full-stack web development, analytics, and DevOps. We are constantly looking for new talent to join us, please check the open positions or leave an open application at:


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