COVID-19 Rapid Response

We are ready to help your organisation overcome & succeed in times of crisis

Individual support is needed, now more than ever. How you act when times are tough reveals your company’s “true colors”. Responsible employers take this  opportunity to reduce risk of burnout, ensure performance, improve retention, and boost employer image. We have geared our services  to help your organisation come out of this challenging time stronger. Read more about our COVID-19 Rapid Response services and get in touch to discuss with our experts.

Webinars tailored to your company's situation & challenges

What it is: We offer a vast variety of remote lectures and workshops to address the challenges of office workers, suddenly contained to their homes. Popular topics: ‘How to be productive and stay healthy in the COVID era’, ‘Avoiding the pitfalls & capturing the opportunities of remote work’ and ‘Creating new routines in uncertain times’. Recordings are available after the live sessions. Our remote lectures have received excellent feedback – 96% evaluate the quality of the content as well as the technical execution high or very high.

Who this is for: Any organisation who wants to offer their employees something of relevance to better deal with this new, uncertain situation.

wellbeing diagnostics

Personalised wellbeing assessment & recommendations

What it is: Our Better Life survey provides a holistic view of the wellbeing and performance of your team during the COVID-19 crisis. The survey covers all of the elements of our Circle of Better Life model, like mental energy, sleep, and physical activity. The online survey takes less than 10 minutes to fill in, and each respondent receives a personal report via email immediately after completion – with personalised insights and recommendations. The employer will receive an organisational report with aggregated results.

Who it is for: Organisations that want to support individuals in improving their wellbeing, on a personal level, in a light way.

wellbeing breaks

Boosting social connectedness with brain-friendly breaks

What it is: We start with our Better Life survey to assess your employees’ current health and wellbeing, with everyone receiving a personal report. We then host a remote kick-off session introducing the Hintsa philosophy and presenting the company-level wellbeing results. After that we get into a weekly rhythm: every two weeks there’s a 30 min wellbeing session where a Hintsa coach introduces a relevant topic, followed by a 15 min light workout. Every second week we host a 30 min Q&A where the coach answers questions that have come up, again followed by a light 15 min workout.

Who this is for: Organisations who want to improve social connectedness in times when teams are working remotely and are physically apart.

remote coaching

Intensive 4-week coaching programme for personal support

What it is: Our 4-week Hintsa Kickstart coaching programme is designed to kickstart your journey to better life or performance. The programme consists of 3 remote meetings with a dedicated Hintsa coach, Better Life surveys with a personal report to assess your starting point, an individual performance plan outlining your journey and targets, and access to our mobile application for tracking progress and chatting with the coach when needed.

Who it is for: Those looking for additional support during an intensive period in life or at work, as well as those wanting a more intensive start to a longer coaching journey.

"Following the Covid-19 crisis and rising stress levels, the Hintsa program has transformed the way I think regarding how I can best optimise my health and reach a more balanced lifestyle and sustained performance."

— Shaun Rolls, Leading Nordic Financial Institution

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