Hintsa Individuals

Your tailored 1-on-1 coaching journey

Our tailored coaching programme is your personal journey towards better life and performance. Face-to-face meetings with your coach guide you to focus and put plans into action. In-depth discussions with your core mentor help you reflect your inner motivations and discover new perspectives. Medical assessments ensure a safe journey and reveal progress along the way. A network of specialists is available to support your individual needs.
The Hintsa method

Based on our holistic method

During your individual journey, you will cover all of the elements of the Circle of Better Life. We begin by assessing your starting point and where you want to be. We will help you understand the links between the different elements and how they apply to your life. Together we will establish your personal priorities in a structured and logical performance plan. A typical coaching journey lasts between nine and twelve months.

Dedicated Performance coach

Support and guidance from a dedicated coach

Your dedicated Hintsa coach guides you to focus on what matters the most and helps you reach sustainable habit change. You will have regular in-person meetings with your coach to discuss your progress against your personal performance plan. Through our mobile app’s chat functionality you can communicate with your coach and receive support along your journey.

Core Mentoring

New perspectives on life

Your personal core mentor helps you reflect on your thoughts and deeper motivations, and discover new perspectives in in-depth discussions. All Hintsa programme participants will reflect on their identity, purpose and control during the core mentoring sessions.

Medical assessments

A safe coaching journey

All coaching programme participants go through an initial medical assessment that provides the basis for the coaching journey. The medical assessments are carried out by our selected medical partners. The assessment results are integrated into your holistic performance plan.

Specialist services

Support from our specialists

Hintsa specialists help you tackle specific questions such as optimal nutrition or jet lag planning. You have direct access to selected Hintsa specialists, who are respected professionals in their respective fields. Your performance coach will help you determine the best specialist support for your individual needs.

Digital engagement through our mobile app

Start training programs

Our extensive collection of training programs is planned by our Hintsa experts and support different aspects of holistic wellbeing – from physical activity to rest & recovery and from nutrition to mental energy.

Log activities

We believe that great results can be achieved by completing small actions daily. With our app, you can log over 500 different activities covering the entire spectrum of physical activity and holistic wellbeing.

Connect your wearable

You can connect your existing wearable device with our app to automatically sync your physical activity, weight and sleep data. We support following devices: Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Suunto, Nokia and Microsoft Health.

"Hintsa's holistic approach to managing your mind, body and spirit is very effective and stays with you. The changes were small, but powerful in combination. I wholeheartedly recommend working with the Hintsa team."

— Eric Tveter, Liberty Global plc, CEO of Central Europe Group

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