Hintsa Teams

Intensive coaching service for groups

A healthy team is a high performing team. Discover the latest wellbeing insights in interactive offsite workshops and challenge yourselves in joint exercise sessions. Find your focus areas with Hintsa’s performance coaches and core mentors during the offsite coaching days and enjoy digital coaching and webinars in between. Team wellbeing can be followed with targeted surveys or additional testing.
The Hintsa method

Based on our holistic method

During your individual journey, you will cover all of the elements of the Circle of Better Life. We begin with assessing your starting point and where you want to be. We will help you understand the links between the different elements and how they apply to your life. Together we will establish your priorities. A typical programme consists of three offsites over the course of 9-12 months, supported by digital coaching and webinars in between.


Get together as a team

Discover the latest wellbeing insights in interactive workshops led by Hintsa experts. Understand your individual and organisational starting points, commit to shared goals and jointly review progress. Challenge yourselves as a team in joint activities and exercise sessions.


Support and guidance from a dedicated coach

Your dedicated Hintsa coach guides you to focus on what matters the most and helps you reach sustainable habit change. You will meet with your coach in person around the offsite coaching days. In between coaching days, you have regular calls to follow-up on progress and discuss. Through our mobile app’s chat functionality you can communicate with your coach and receive support along your journey.


New perspectives on life

Reflect on your thoughts and deeper motivations. Discover new perspectives in in-depth discussions with your Core mentor during the coaching days. All Hintsa programme participants will reflect on their identity, purpose and control during the core mentoring sessions.

Targeted surveys

Holistic view of your team

Our Better Life surveys provide you with a holistic view of your team’s wellbeing and performance. The survey consists of Circle of Better Life themes related to holistic health and wellbeing an on individual and team level. The survey results form the basis for our personal coaching and workshops during the coaching days.

Digital engagement through our mobile app

Peer support

Peer support increases social interaction and brings accountability. With our mobile app, your team members can connect with each other, cheer and comment each other’s activities and share their own progress.

Joint campaigns

Joint campaigns are a proven way to activate your team, encourage social interaction, and make the education more concrete. Choose from one of our recommended campaigns or let us help you design your own.

Wellbeing education

Our digital education covers Hintsa’s holistic model and provides your team members with practical tips on enhancing their daily health and wellbeing. The content is easy to consume at any point, time and location.

“We have identified the development of directors’ wellbeing as one of the key requirements for success. The holistic nature of the coaching exceeded our expectations.”

— Ari Loukkola, OP, Head of HR and Organisation Development

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