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6 themes, 6 fascinating talks by the world’s top high-performance and medical experts.
Our online video series follows Hintsa’s Circle of Better Life model, stress-tested in the world’s most demanding business and sports environments. Register to get all the six talks to your email and learn how you can reach optimal health and performance.
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sleep & recovery

Why switching off after work is as important as sleep

Hintsa: Tarja Mulari, Coaching Director
Hirslanden: Stefanie Helmbrecht, Medical Doctor

Recovery is not just about a well-slept night and, on the other hand, good night’s sleep is often based on wisely spent free time. This talk focuses on identifying the factors that help us recover from the pressures and hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can’t get more hours or minutes on the clock to recover, but small changes can have a surprisingly large effect on how energetic you feel and also how well you can break away from work.

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Mental Energy

Mental strength in times of stress and uncertainty – learnings from Formula 1

Hintsa: Dan Sims, Senior Performance Coach
Hirslanden: Prof. Thomas Szucs, Medical Doctor

How do athletes use their bodies’ physiological response to stress to fuel super-human focus and strength? And when things don’t go so well, how do they pick themselves up for the next race – fully aware that they may be in for further losses? Coping well, even when things don’t go well, is an essential ingredient of a winning mindset. In this talk we’ll learn, how Formula 1 drivers cope with uncertainty and build mental resilience – and what office workers can learn from this.

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The science of pain – and how you can keep back pain at bay

Hintsa: Hannu Luomajoki, Professor of Physiotherapy & Hintsa Biomechanics Specialist
Hirslanden: PD Patrick Vavken, Medical Doctor

Back pain is an extraordinarily common burden and almost all of us have encountered it at some point. When we experience back pain, the natural reaction is to sit down. As it turns out, sitting and back pain is not a good mix, especially if you spend hours in a seated position already. Although determining the cause of back pain can be complicated, in this talk we will discuss the different actions you can take to help alleviate your back pain or prevent it from getting worse.

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physical activity

Why physical activity matters now more than ever

Hintsa: Owen Satterley, Performance Coach 
Hirslanden: Anna Erat, Medical Doctor

Physical activity is a cornerstone of our physical and mental health. Along with the benefits to our heart health and maintenance of muscle mass as we age, regular physical activity also helps combat symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. In this talk we will unpack what it takes to incorporate more physical activity into your daily life and how to make sustainable changes. We will also tackle some common misconceptions around physical activity.

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The importance of nutrition on disease prevention and longevity

Hintsa: Helene Patounas, Formula 1 Nutritionist
Hirslanden: Prof. Bernhard Sauter, Medical Doctor

Imagine if you could improve your longevity through the simple act of eating? Whilst we once thought that our genes were our destiny, we now know that our lifestyle choices impact our future health outcomes. In this talk our experts will take you through some of the science behind longevity, and explain how your diet and lifestyle can influence your risk of disease and have a profound impact on your long term mental and physical wellbeing.

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General Health

How lifestyle impacts health – and why general health is so important

Hintsa: Dr. Eric Gerstel, Hintsa Doctor
Hirslanden: Andreas Müller, Medical Doctor

Our lifestyle plays an important role in determining how our state of health evolves. Our experiences, values, attitudes, but also knowledge about our current state of health affect the everyday choices we make which ultimately affects our wellbeing. In this talk we will take a holistic approach on general health and discuss how your everyday choices impact your health and why maintaining and enhancing your general health is so crucial.

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