Meet our team

Anna Andersén

Performance Coach

I got interested in sport psychology when I was a competing equestrian. I have always been interested in working with people, so I studied psychology and sport coaching, which led me to a career in performance coaching for athletes, performing artists and corporate clients. I have always been keen for learning and to deepen my professional knowledge. I have studied variety of topics of holistic wellbeing like sport medicine, mindfulness and nutrition, just to name a few. I have been following Aki Hintsa’s career and the company for a long time. Hintsa’s holistic approach, coaching philosophy and the science based framework resonates with my own values.

I feel in my heart that I am at home working for this extraordinary company and with its people and likeminded clients. Some of my strengths as a performance coach are empathy and engagement. I have a deep will to understand where the client comes from. I pursue to walk along and support the client the best I can on the Hintsa journey. I recharge my batteries by outdoor activities like riding horses, sailing, skiing and walking in the nature, doing yoga and meditating and spending time with my family.