Meet our team

Jaakko Hanhikoski

Junior Performance Coach

Since joining Hintsa Performance in 2016, I’ve been privileged to work inside the fantastic team of like-minded professionals and around the holistic and powerful model of Hintsa, which right from the start clicked with my own values and interests. For the past three years I’ve been working in junior categories in motorsport as well as with knowledge workers to improve their lives and their performance. My coaching journey started more than ten years ago in junior football after my own dream of becoming a professional football player had taken a painful setback due to an overuse injury. Nowadays, having shifted gears from coaching in football to strength and conditioning with athletes from several other sports, and to working with non-athletes as well, as a coach I’m still ignited by the same passion as when I first started coaching; to help people to reach their goals and to realise their potential.
I am a strong believer in constant self-development. Thus, I have a wide educational background to draw skills and knowledge from, including strength and conditioning, biomechanics, physiology, sport and exercise psychology, nutrition and physiotherapy, from both academic and non-academic programs and courses. As a coach, my strengths include the ability to take into consideration the client from several different perspectives, and to combine science-backed interventions from different areas of wellbeing and performance in order to make the biggest positive impact. When walking alongside clients in their journey towards their goals, my main aims are to understand the clients holistically as individuals and to help them to find the right tools needed to make sustainable changes in their lives. In my free time, in addition to spending time with family and friends, as well as enjoying a variety of ways in being physically active, I like to keep my brain challenged by learning new things; one of the most recent ones being a rediscovered interest in playing classical music after a break for over ten years.