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James Hewitt

Performance Scientist

I am a performance scientist, speaker and author, with over 15 years of experience in human high performance. I am also an active researcher at Loughborough University, ranked as #1 in the world in Sport, Exercise and Health Science. My research focusses on high performance knowledge work, with a particular interest in how we can achieve high performance, without compromising our health in the process. My work includes consulting for Formula 1 drivers and teams, advising Fortune 500 C-suite executives, and novel experiments to provide cutting edge insights for some of the world’s most demanding and top-performing organisations.

I am an increasingly sought-after communicator and is consistently ranked among the top-speakers at the events I contribute to. I have delivered keynotes and workshops at a wide range of events including the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, in Davos. In 2018, I won the Nordic Business Forum speaker contest, going on to speak for an audience of 7,500 people at the Nordic Business Forum’s annual business conference, as part of a formidable line-up including former President Barack Obama.