Meet our team

Jari Jaakkola

Performance Coach

When I joined Hintsa in 2016, it was like the pieces falling into place. I have always had a passion for sports, coaching and better performance. I believe that investing in my well-being and development is crucial in order to be able to help others. I want to combine my training and experience to help, support and meet personally other people in my job and in my leisure time. I’m good at listening, asking questions, sparring and finding together new habits and targets which will work in daily life. I tend to look things from different perspectives. I have got feedback from good timing using different coaching elements, being well aware of where the process is going and being able to easily fix in which level we are working. I find it also important to share the challenges and learnings I have had during my journey. I want face new things and circumstances with curiosity. I continuously keep studying and learning with an open mind.

My experience in HR and corporate level, work coaching, mentoring, sports instructing, personal training as well as working as an osteopath and sports masseur gives solid base for coaching. I love sports and practise especially decathlon and ball games. I have taken part in European and World championships in Master athletics both competing and taking care of the Finnish team as an osteopath. With my wife we have been actively involved in marriage peer counceling. Our adult children are a great joy for us.