Meet our team

John Lekatis

Performance Coach

John (or Giannis) is an experienced coach with a special interest in energy management, body composition and personalised nutrition. His continuous desire to learn lead him to complement his Master’s Degree in Sport Science with studies in Psychology, with his eyes set on a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Essex.


John has been praised for being a good listener and having a great understanding of the realities of busy business professionals and their time limitations. He firmly believes that by finding the relevant and realistic small changes, anyone can reach their goals. In addition to his work at Hintsa, John is the manager of an exclusive health club overseeing a staff of 21 trainers. He is based in Switzerland and can serve clients in English and Greek. John is an avid bookworm, and during free time you are likely to find him reading books and researching the different phenomena of the world. He has also received a gold medal in aerobatics in Greek National Games.