Meet our team

Salli Tommola

Performance Coach, Exercise physiologist

I joined Hintsa in 2016 as an Exercise Physiologist. Later, in 2018 I expanded my role and started working as a a Junior Performance Coach as well. I have a master’s degree in Sports Science and my expertise lies in exercise physiology, sports nutrition, movement control and lifestyle habit change coaching. Prior to Hintsa, I worked as a dance teacher and research assistant at the university. I have also performed and competed in show and jazz dance for ten years. My background in dance and the challenges I experienced in those years aroused my interest in the human body and mind and brought me to my job at Hintsa.
In coaching, I use my strong knowledge of the effects of exercise, nutrition and recovery on the human body. My coaching considers the different aspects of wellbeing to find the balance in everyday life. Coaching focuses on improving the listening of the body and mind, as well as finding preventative options and suitable courses of action for the coachee to meet today’s challenges. The goals set together with the coachee guide the coaching and lead to sustainable results. As a coach, I am inspired by the commitment of the coachees to their coaching journey and developing themselves. Particularly motivating are the coachees’ own insights into how even small improvements in their wellbeing bring solutions to larger challenges and create a positive cumulative effect. In my free time I love to do different physical activities – such as soccer, dance, road biking, hiking and yoga – and sing in an a cappella group.