Meet our team

Simo Lampinen

Performance Coach

Physical activity and sports have always played a major role in my life. The social and active environment of my childhood and the enthusiasm towards ball games sparked my eagerness to move, have fun and enjoy different sports. Prior to university studies, I even tried my wings to compete in tennis and football to achieve the dreams of the bigger arenas and competitions. I feel that my strong and varied sport background has created the passion for the chosen profession and continuous self-development. Before joining Hintsa, I’ve been learning and gaining my experience through a wide range of job assignments from team sports to individual performance coaching. In addition of being a performance coach, I’ve been working as a Physical and Health Education teacher.

My expertise lies in strength and condition training, physical wellbeing and sports skills development. I have solid interpersonal skills: listening ability and understanding of an individual’s overall needs. I want to find the hidden potential of the people and help them to learn and grow. I consider myself as an explorer who helps others to succeed and brings out the best in people by using the holistic approach and a sense of humor. During my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts and exercising – recently I have used the time for developing my backhand in tennis or desperately fixing my golf swings. In addition, I actively explore the world by visiting natural wonders, and my secret passion at the moment is to learn new cooking skills. Now and in the future, I want to be happy with what I do – setting example with my own behavior and inspiring others to do the same. Lifelong learning is important to me and I’m fascinated by new challenges – they drive me to go forward, and that’s the reason I´m happy to share my knowledge and professionalism as a Performance Coach at Hintsa.