Meet our team

Tomas Coulter

Performance Coach

My interest in coaching and human performance started early, hearing tales of my Grandfather, a Cardiologist who climbed mountains in the Himalayas to understand the effect of altitude on the heart and improve the performance of elite climbers. From personal experience I know the power of good coaching. I found myself in America at Duke University playing soccer in front of crowds of thousands of people. Feeling out of my depth, and underperforming, I sort the help of the best coaches, sports phycologists and nutritionists to regain confidence. It was at this time I first appreciated the benefits of outstanding coaching to help reach inside and draw upon ones own potential. My studies have since focused on the area of human performance (Management (MSc), Personal training, and executive coaching.

Before joining Hintsa I have worked in Banking, helping business owners and Directors to achieve their goals. I also led several regional well-being initiatives to help employees achieve sustainable high-performance. Outside of work, I compete in football in London for Honourable Artillery company, hold a national FA Cup runners-up medal in Futsal (indoor football), and continue to compete in amateur level in Cross-country skiing in Norway.