Meet our team

Tomas Coulter

Performance Coach

Tomas is a former athlete and business professional turned performance coach. Tomas’s interest in human performance started early: hearing tales of his grandfather, a cardiologist who climbed mountains in the Himalayas, who sought to improve the performance of elite climbers and understand the effect of altitude on the heart.

Personally, he experienced the value of good coaching while playing soccer at Duke University in the US. Finding himself playing in front of huge crowds and underperforming due to insecurity, he sought the help of a coach, a sports psychologist, and a nutritionist. The lessons he learned about reaching inside to draw upon one’s potential has served him well in his work as a coach, where he excels in matters of mental energy and physical activity.

Besides coaching business professionals and executives, Tomas competes in football in London, holds a national FA Cup runners-up medal in indoor football, and competes in cross-country skiing in Norway.