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With office workers contained to their homes, we bring the content to where they are

With events, lectures and workshops cancelled at a breath-taking speed, we offer an alternative. Hintsa webinars are interactive online events delivered to employee’s laptops – wherever they are. Miss the live event? Don’t worry, the recordings are available afterwards. Our webinars have received excellent feedback – 96% evaluate the quality of the content as well as the technical execution high or very high.

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Diet and lifestyle can have a profound impact on your immune system and your ability to fight off any virus, including COVID-19. Nothing can guarantee that you won’t get sick, but evidence shows that you can influence the severity and duration of illness. Join our free webinar on April 17 where our Formula 1 nutritionist Helene Patounas will share her top tips on how you can boost your immune system to avoid getting the virus, and what to do if you do get it.

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Webinars you can offer for your employees

We offer a vast variety of webinars for organisations that address the challenges of office workers, suddenly contained to their home. The topics vary from designing your workday to adding movement to a home office day and thriving under pressure. We offer different levels of production quality and make sure the registering and joining the webinars goes smoothly. Download our webinar brochure below for more information.

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Our webinar topics

Pick and choose the webinars that are most relevant for your employees, and get in touch by filling in the contact form below. If you can’t find a specific topic, please let us know and let’s discuss.

Optimising remote work

How individuals and teams can design and lead remote work.

Leading remote work

How team leaders can create the right environment for remote collaboration.

Stress & burnout

Practical tips how to beat burnout and thrive under pressure.

Cognitive performance

How to improve cognitive performance and work smarter, not harder.

Sleep, rest & recovery

What science says about why we sleep, and how to rest your way to success.

Leading wellbeing

What leaders need to know about building a wellbeing, high performing organisation.

Change that sticks

The science of change, habits and how to create it yourself.

Daily rhythms

How to design your workday to do your best work.

Knowledge work & mental health

How office workers can reduce stress and improve mental strength.

Sustainable career

Combining a meaningful career with meaningful home life.

Workout at home

Tips for adding movement to a home office day, including a short guided training session.

Routines of elite athletes

What can executives learn from athletes about routines for sustainable high performance?

Recordings of our free webinars

Watch the key learnings presented by Hintsa experts.

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Our Hintsa Personal coaching programme is a unique combination of regular remote coaching sessions with your dedicated Hintsa Coach and inspirational podcasts, videos and tasks delivered through our mobile app.

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