Hintsa Better Life app

The Hintsa Better Life app showcases the methods and philosophy of Hintsa Performance - a high performance coaching company whose expert team is trusted by F1 world champions and corporate executives alike. Hintsa's philosophy states that sustained success is a by-product of a balanced life and holistic wellbeing. Better life - better performance.

Hintsa's approach can be expressed in the "Circle of Better Life”; a model which begins by helping you to explore your inner world -  your ‘Core’ - before addressing other elements. Knowing yourself and clearly defining your purpose provides the sustained motivation and commitment for the daily active decisions required to reach your targets. These decisions are represented by the six outer elements in the Circle of Better Life: our physical activity, nutrition, sleep and recovery, biomechanics, mental energy, and general health.

The Hintsa Better Life app is available at Apple's App Store and Google Play.