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Sustainable high performance is built on a healthy and balanced life.

COVID-19 Rapid Response

We are ready to help your organisation overcome & succeed in times of crisis

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Staying ahead in today’s fast-paced world is incredibly demanding. Balancing different roles and responsibilities, while making crucial decisions and performing under constant pressure can be exhausting. We understand. And we can help.
Our personalised coaching programmes support you in reaching sustainable high performance without burning out in the process. From Formula 1 to Fortune 500, we have repeatedly proven our methods in the world’s most competitive environments.

Our coaching services

For Individuals

Reach optimal performance with our individual coaching services. Our services vary from intensive 1-month remote coaching programmes up to highly customised 12-month programmes. Regular meetings with your dedicated Performance Coach guide you to focus on what really matters and translate it into action.

Individual Programmes

For Businesses

Make wellbeing a competitive advantage with our organisation-wide coaching and advisory services. Our remotely delivered services for organisations support individuals in sustainable behaviour change, and organisations in creating the optimal conditions for them to succeed.

Organisation-wide Services & Diagnostics

For Athletes

Unlock your true potential with our sports coaching and medical services. Our programmes include a wide variety of sports science services including strength & conditioning guidance, sports psychology, physiotherapy and lifestyle support as well as monitoring and reporting.

Sports Coaching Services

Small steps towards big goals

We base all our services on our unique Circle of Better Life model and our proven coaching methodology. During your coaching, you will cover all elements of the Circle of Better Life. Our aim is to identify the key levers for you to achieve improved health and performance, one step at a time.

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Finding your focus

Our coaching is always based on your personal needs. Your dedicated Hintsa coach guides you to focus on what matters most and supports you in reaching sustainable habit change. We begin by assessing your starting point and where you want to be. Together with your coach you will establish your personal priorities and work towards your goals.

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Backed by the latest research

We are constantly searching for new and useful ways to enable you to enhance your wellbeing and performance, sustainably. Through our own research projects and a broad network of research institutions and specialists, we stay up to date with emerging ideas within the scientific community and test these ideas in measurable ways.

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covid-19 rapid response

Overcome & Succeed
in Times of Crisis

Individual support is needed, now more than ever. How you act when times are tough reveals your company’s “true colors”. Now is a great opportunity to reduce risk of burnout, ensure performance over time, improve retention, and boost your employer image.

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