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Success is a by-product of wellbeing

Hintsa stands for a truly holistic approach. Our unique services are based on the Circle of Better Life model. Imagine a wheel constructed of seven components. If one part breaks down, the wheel stops spinning. For the wheel to turn smoothly, all parts need to be in balance.

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Our practitioners are some of the world’s leading wellbeing and performance experts. Gain access to a global network of coaches and specialists from sports science, psychology, and medicine to organisational wellbeing.

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From Formula 1 to Fortune 500

We believe in better life and better performance – for everyone. For over 20 years, we have helped elite athletes, top executives and global organisations reach their goals by improving their wellbeing. Partnering with Hintsa means we can do the same for you.

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Proven track record

For over two decades, we have met the expectations of the most demanding clients in both business and sports.

We have successfully delivered over 2,000 intensive personal coaching programmes.

We are trusted by more than 500 corporate clients. We cover over 40,000 employees in our largest client organisation.

Hintsa-supported Formula 1 drivers have won 17 World Drivers’ Championships.

Over the past ten seasons, 96% of all F1 races have been won by a Hintsa-supported driver.

Hintsa-supported Formula 1 teams have won eight World Constructors’ Championships.


Our services

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Hintsa for Businesses

Scalable wellbeing & performance programmes for your organisation.

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Hintsa for Individuals

Premium coaching, targeted
to your situation and goals.

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Hintsa for Sports

Performance support for elite athletes, sporting teams & sports organisations.

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white paper

Quantifying Wellbeing

Download our new white paper for five perspectives on how to evaluate the effectiveness of employee wellbeing initiatives.


How Wellbeing Improves Performance

Read our CEO Annastiina Hintsa’s interview for McKinsey on why wellbeing is the foundation of sustainable high performance.

Angela Cullen on a F1 circuit


"She’s one of the greatest things that’s happened to me"

7-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton discusses the impact his Hintsa coach Angela Cullen has had on his performance.

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