Better life.
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Sustainable high performance is built on a healthy and balanced life.

Staying ahead in today’s fast-paced world is incredibly demanding. Balancing different roles and responsibilities, while making crucial decisions and performing under constant pressure can be exhausting. We understand. And we can help.
Hintsa Performance is a global leader in human high-performance coaching. We help our clients achieve sustainable high performance with methods proven in Formula 1 and Fortune 500. Learn more about our solutions and get in touch.

Our coaching services

For Businesses

We build comprehensive wellbeing and performance programmes for organisations aiming for a culture of sustainable high performance. Our services are trusted by more than 500 corporate clients, including some of the world’s leading consulting, law, finance and tech companies.

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For Individuals

Our individual performance coaching services vary from intensive 1-month remote programmes up to highly-tailored 12-month coaching services. We have delivered over 1,000 intensive 1-on-1 programmes to clients ranging from business professionals to politicians and artists.

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For Athletes

We provide human performance services for elite level athletes and teams. For over two decades we have been coaching Formula 1 drivers and teams to optimise their performance, with 98% of all races in the past 7 seasons being won by a Hintsa-supported driver.

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Small steps towards big goals

We base all our services on our holistic Circle of Better Life model and our proven coaching methodology. We create a personalised plan for each individual and break down their goals into small steps towards sustainable change. Our aim is to help our clients achieve improved health and performance, one step at a time.

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Proven track record

For over 20 years, we have repeatedly proven our coaching methods in the world’s most competitive environments. Hintsa-supported Formula 1 drivers have won the last 11 World Championships in succession and 98% of all races in the past seven seasons. In addition to our unrivalled sports results, we are trusted by over 500 corporate clients globally, and cover more than 40,000 employees in our largest client organisation.

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Backed by the latest research

To provide the best service for our clients, we are committed to an evidence-based approach. Throughout our 20+ year history, we have designed our programmes based on the most relevant, high-quality scientific evidence, as well as participation in original research.

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Success is a by-product of wellbeing

From the African plains to the Formula 1 paddocks and the highest level of business – the fascinating story of Hintsa Performance spans over two decades.

In her inspirational TED Talk, our CEO Annastiina Hintsa shows how a better life leads to better performance – and why it’s all about optimising, not maximising.

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