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Over 20 years of helping people achieve sustainable high performance

Hintsa Performance is a world leader in human high-performance coaching. For over 20 years, we have repeatedly proven our science-based methods in the most challenging business and sports environments. Clients from Formula 1 champions and Fortune 500 CEOs to executive teams and knowledge workers worldwide, trust our performance coaches and specialists to help them succeed. Our personnel in London, Geneva, Helsinki, Oslo and other locations all share a common goal: to help you reach sustainable high performance by living a healthy, balanced life.

How our story began

Our philosophy originates in Dr. Aki Hintsa’s work, which found that sustainable high performance is built on a balanced life. This approach has expanded and taken shape over the past two decades and has been tested in the world’s most challenging business and sports environments.

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Our circle of experts

The diverse professionals at Hintsa Performance all share a passion for better life and better performance. We form a network of leading experts in the fields of sports and medical science, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychology, as well as sleep and neuroscience.

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How we use the latest science

The sheer amount of perspectives and competing sources of advice on human wellbeing and performance can appear overwhelming. Hintsa’s team of experts and research partners ensure that our services are built on a robust base of evidence.

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Success is a by-product of wellbeing

Significant improvements in performance are the result of small daily steps and decisions. When individuals feel better, also teams and entire organisations can reach a new level of success.

David Hulse, Hintsa’s Chief Medical Doctor for UK, Annastiina Hintsa, Hintsa’s Managing Director for corporate business, and Mika Häkkinen, our client and a two-time Formula 1 World Champion share their thoughts on what it takes to reach sustainable high performance.

Hintsa by the numbers


We are a multinational network of over 100 professionals ranging from Performance Coaches to Doctors and Programme Managers. We all share the same passion to help our clients reach sustainable high performance.


We employ more than 60 highly-qualified Performance Coaches and Specialists who make sure that your coaching journey is a success. Less than 10 percent of the applicants complete the rigorous process to become a Hintsa Coach.


We have over 20 years of experience in serving some of the most demanding clients in the world as they reach sustainable high performance. Our coaching methods have repeatedly brought measurable results in both business and sports.

We operate globally

In addition to our offices in London, Geneva, Helsinki, Oslo and Zug, our network of experts spans globally and is ready to help you, where ever you are. We currently serve our clients from Europe to Asia and Middle East, and expand our operations as we grow.

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Our publications

The stories behind
our methods

Our books include deeply researched content, fascinating stories and practical tips to enhance your health, wellbeing and performance.

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