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20 years of rethinking life

Hintsa Performance has been guiding individuals and businesses towards achieving better life and performance for over 20 years. As a leading provider of solutions for improving health, wellbeing and performance, we have proven our science-based method in the most challenging business and sports environments. Clients, from Formula 1 champions and Fortune 500 CEOs to executive teams and employees worldwide, trust us to help them succeed. Supporting every journey to sustainable high performance are over 100 professionals.

How it all started

Our philosophy originates in Dr. Aki Hintsa’s work, where high performance is built on a foundation of holistic wellbeing. This approach has expanded and taken shape over the past two decades and tested in the most challenging environments of business and sports. Read the exceptional story behind the Hintsa method.

Our story

High touch meets high tech

The people at Hintsa Performance share a passion for better life and better performance. They form a network of leading experts in the fields of sport and exercise, medical science, sleep and recovery, nutrition, biomechanics as well as design and software development. Our specialists collaborate to ensure that the best evidence-based advice and tools are always available to you.

Our team

Our proprietary digital tools

Hintsa’s digital tools provide inspiration, education, and habit building in all the elements of the Circle of Better Life. We provide powerful tools for engagement and promote corporate-wide cultural transformation for better life – in a global scale.

Our technology

Science behind the method

It may seem that there are an overwhelming number of perspectives and competing sources of advice in the field of human wellbeing and performance. Hintsa’s science board and research partners work hard to ensure that our services are built on a robust evidence base. In addition, we actively contribute to the field through our own research activities

Our research activities

Books from our circle of experts

Our books include deeply researched content, fascinating stories and practical tips to enhance your health, wellbeing and performance. The learnings are brought to life with interviews including Formula One world champions, top surgeons, business executives, politicians and our very own Hintsa experts.

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