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Connecting the elements of wellbeing and human high performance

Better life leads to better performance. Over the past 20 years, our science-based method for optimising health, wellbeing and performance has been tested in the most challenging environments of business and sports – ranging from Formula 1 to Fortune 500. Our holistic model covers all key areas of health and wellbeing needed to enhance your performance.

Reach sustainable change

Small steps towards big goals

Significant improvements in performance are the result of small steps and decisions. Real change takes time, so we don’t believe in selling quick fixes. We create a personalised plan for each individual and break down their goals into small steps towards sustainable change. Everything we do is based in science and approved by our network of experts. Our highly trained team of coaches and specialists inspire and motivate you to reach your goals. Your progress is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure measurable results.

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“No one is perfect, but every one of us can be a little better, one day at a time”

— Dr Aki Hintsa
Circle of Better Life

Success is a by-product of wellbeing

To improve your performance, you need to think how all the elements in your life and environment interact. Imagine a wheel constructed of seven components. If one part breaks down, the wheel stops spinning. For the wheel to spin smoothly, all parts need to be in place and in balance. This model, representing the integrated nature of health and wellbeing, is the foundation of all our coaching services.

Assess yourself


At Hintsa we start everything from the Core – your inner motivation to reach sustainable change. Exploring your Core encourages you to live your daily life with meaning, realise more of your potential, and be true to what matters most to you. This provides you with a motivational backbone for making meaningful changes and is vital for reaching your goals.

Physical activity

Finding your individual physical level of endurance, strength and mobility and developing these abilities in a balanced way, allows you to perform optimally in life. Regardless of your starting point, our coaches work to develop personalised training programmes that improve the quality and quantity of your physical training and daily movement.


Following a healthy diet enables your body to function optimally in areas including disease prevention, energy production, immunity, and physical and mental performance. Our licensed specialists provide you with the best evidence-based advice available for making healthy choices, whilst respecting your body’s specific needs.

Sleep & recovery

Prioritising sufficient sleep, rest, and recovery enables your mind and body to recuperate, regenerate and perform optimally. Improving the quality of your recovery and helping you find a sustainable balance between work and rest are key components of all our programmes.


Optimising your physical movement and control, improves your performance, reduces injuries and enables lifelong physical activity. Our goal is to help you lead a life free from physical restrictions and musculoskeletal limitations by enhancing your mobility, balance and movement control.

Mental energy

Improving your ability to manage your daily routines, your work, and your social relationships helps you maintain a positive energy balance in life. Together with our coaches you will discover ways to add to your mental energy budget rather than drain it.

General health

Enhancing awareness and understanding of your own health, and learning better everyday habits, promotes a healthier life and greater wellbeing. With medical check-ups and sessions performed by licensed professionals, our programmes will help you better understand your current state of health in order to take a proactive approach to improve it.

20 years of rethinking success

We are often living in a reactive mode in many areas of our lives – fighting fires as they flare, and surviving from day to day, rather than being proactive and planning ahead. The Hintsa model takes a preventive and proactive approach to health and wellbeing.

In this video Performance Scientist James Hewitt introduces the Circle of Better Life model and explains how better life leads to better performance.

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