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We build scalable programmes to help your people thrive and reach sustainable high performance.

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Wellbeing is a strategic priority

Your employees are your most important asset. Ignite their potential with a strategic and holistic approach to their wellbeing. Build resilient teams equipped to take on future challenges and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Our scalable, multi-year wellbeing programmes drive engagement, productivity, and retention. They unlock a sense of purpose, fostering a connected high-performing workforce.


Better life brings better business

Investing in employee wellbeing isn’t just about upskilling your workforce for the future – it’s also a financially sound decision.  A happy, high-performing workforce drives business success.

Organisations who meet their employees’ wellbeing needs, witness 2x greater engagement, 2.2x higher energy and 3x more loyalty. People with a high level of personal wellbeing are also on average 19% more productive.

Our services are trusted by more than 500 corporate clients across the world

We have successfully delivered over 3,000 intensive personal coaching programmes

Our wellbeing and performance services cover 100,000s of employees globally

Hintsa’s services for businesses

Our service modules are designed to be seamlessly combined to offer you a strategic, tailormade programme.

Lasting impact is created on an individual level. We offer highly personalised performance coaching to leaders as well as low threshold on-demand coaching and digital coaching plans to all employees.
  • tailored coaching for leaders
Wellbeing is a skill that can be learned. Through our masterclasses, inspiring talks and interactive workshops, you can create awareness and motivate your employees to prioritise their wellbeing.
Wellbeing strategies should be based on fact, not fiction. With our Hintsa Wellbeing Assessment and/or your own wellbeing data, we help you assess and improve key wellbeing metrics across your business.
  • tracking & reporting progress
Wellbeing is a key driver of organisational and personal performance. As your trusted advisor, we help you create a wellbeing action plan and KPIs to thrive and achieve exceptional long-term performance.​ 
Coaching for leaders

Top-down transformation

Leading wellbeing is an integral leadership skill. Unite and motivate your leadership to work together towards sustainable change and improved performance. Help your leaders establish a strong foundation for their own wellbeing and role-model healthy behaviour. Our offering includes a wellbeing assessment, tailored coaching with a dedicated Hintsa coach, and collaborative team activities.

  • wellbeing assessment
  • tailored coaching
  • team offsites
  • wellbeing sessions in-between offsites
  • medical & physical assessments (optional)
Coaching on-demand for employees

Coaching, when you need it

Establish a caring culture by offering your workforce individual support. Our personalised 1-to-1 coaching helps your employees assess their current state and reach their wellbeing and performance goals – with the accountability that comes from working with a professional coach. Whether for specific target groups or low threshold on-demand to all staff, the coaching intensity and duration are tailored to your organisation’s needs.

  • wellbeing assessment
  • wellbeing consultation
  • personal coaching
Digital coaching plans

Hintsa expertise at scale

Created by our world-renowned coaches, the Hintsa App provides digital coaching plans to enhance specific aspects of your employees’ wellbeing and optimise their performance at work. The result? Your entire workforce will enjoy greater focus, better time management skills, more energy and higher productivity. 

More about Hintsa App

Wellbeing is a skill

Generate awareness around wellbeing and start developing it as a vital skill for your leaders and employees. Create a shared language of wellbeing in your organisation and spark motivation for change at both individual and team levels. Our wellbeing masterclasses can be deployed globally, and our talks and workshops are available both live and remotely. 

  • wellbeing masterclasses
  • talks & keynotes
  • interactive workshops

Assess the state of wellbeing

Discover your organisation’s true state of wellbeing with our Hintsa Wellbeing Assessment or by tapping into your organisation’s own wellbeing data. Our Wellbeing Assessment, rooted in science, covers 65 questions spanning the Circle of Better Life model, organisational wellbeing, motivation, and needs. You will receive an aggregated report, enabling you to identify different target groups, plan future actions and implement personalised interventions.

  • wellbeing assessment for employees
  • client's own wellbeing data
  • tracking & reporting progress

Build a winning strategy

Wellbeing is the cornerstone of organisational success. Our wellbeing advisory services encompass three projects: sense-making of the Hintsa Wellbeing Assessment, harnessing the potential of your own wellbeing data, and crafting a tailor-made wellbeing strategy. As your trusted partner, we are dedicated to fostering an enduring advisory relationship that guides you towards a thriving future.

  • Wellbeing advisory
  • Programme management

Experience excellence

Our corporate clients give us an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 61, a testament to our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction. NPS rates the likelihood of recommending a company or service to others. A good NPS score begins at 0 and anything above 50 is considered excellent. Join our delighted customers and request an offer for your organisation.

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