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Performing under stress and pressure is crucial for business success. In today’s uncertain world, where 42% of the global workforce experiences burnout, the need to perform, renew, and adapt remains. With 20+ years of experience, our wellbeing and performance solutions prioritise the person behind the professional, unleashing their energy, motivation, and a deep sense of purpose.

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Better life. Better business.

Investing in employee wellbeing isn’t just about upskilling your workforce – it’s financially sound.  Happy, high-performing people drive business success. Organisations who meet their employees’ wellbeing needs witness 2x greater engagement, 2.2x higher energy and 3x more loyalty. Further, 87% consider health & wellbeing offerings when choosing an employer.

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Net Promoter Score (NPS) from our coaching programmes in 2023 (>50 is world-class).

We’re trusted by more than 500 corporate clients across the world.

Our wellbeing and performance services cover 100,000s of employees globally.

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For executive teams

Energised executives

Hintsa’s executive programmes build sustainable high performance from the top. With a dedicated Hintsa Performance coach, leaders find their personal foundation for better performance with targeted actions. Through workshops or offsites, the team can explore what it means to lead the wellbeing of their people.

  • Wellbeing Assessment
  • Individual coaching
  • Leadership workshops or offsite
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For teams & talent

‘Re-fuelling’ sprint

Challenging times take a toll. Re-fuel critical individuals with a tailored workshop and a focused coaching sprint – to improve e.g. resilience, mental wellbeing, work routines, or daily energy. Choose the intensity of coaching – from 7 sessions to a one-off consultation and digital coaching plans.

  • Wellbeing Assessment
  • Workshop series
  • Sprint Coaching
  • Wellbeing Consultation
  • Digital Coaching Plans
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For all employees

Wellbeing insights

What you can’t measure, you can’t manage. Identify your organisation’s wellbeing challenges and give individuals an easy tool to assess their wellbeing and receive a personalised report – along Hintsa’s 7 science-based elements. The aggregated report allows understanding overall wellbeing, or drilling down to regions, countries, functions, or teams.

  • Wellbeing assessment
  • Personal wellbeing reports
  • Sensemaking workshop
  • Aggregated report
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For all employees

Healthy strategy at scale

Promote a culture of wellbeing through a wellbeing strategy, business-critical KPIs, meaningful team conversations, and manager training. Our full company services inspire, educate and offer low-threshold tools for all employees on holistic wellbeing, resilience, and sustainable performance.

  • Wellbeing assessment
  • Keynotes, talks & workshops
  • Digital coaching plans
  • Communication campaigns
  • wellbeing toolbox talks
  • Manager training
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Hintsa App

Sustain success, at your pace

The Hintsa App maintains the momentum from coaching. Seamlessly continue optimising your wellbeing and performance with our digital coaching plans and bite-sized science-based content – created by Hintsa’s world-class experts, available when you are.

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Where to start?

An effective way to start is by assessing your team’s or organisation’s wellbeing, and combining this with a keynote, webinar, or workshop tailored to your needs. Explore some of our most popular talks below and get in touch.

  • sustainable high performance
  • resilience
  • fighting fatigue
  • from formula 1 to fortune 500
  • improving cognitive performance
  • leading wellbeing
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