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Introducing the Hintsa App

Created by our world-renowned coaches, the Hintsa App provides scalable digital coaching plans to enhance your employees’ wellbeing and optimise their performance at work.

The result? Your workforce will enjoy greater focus, better time management skills, more energy and higher productivity.

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Science made simple

The Hintsa App is backed by decades of behavioural change research to create lasting impact. Reach your true potential with proven goal-setting strategies and create healthy habits that stick with psychological tools.

Engaging content

Each 7-day plan is packed with interactive, engaging content created by our highly experienced performance coaches. They’ve worked with elite athletes to chief executives and everyone in between, so you’re in good hands.

Measurable outcomes

Noticing real, tangible improvements is key to maintaining motivation. Benchmark your current levels of wellbeing and performance, track your progress and work on concrete micro-actions to achieve your goals.

Combine services for optimal impact

Wellbeing assessment

Your wellbeing, understood

The Hintsa assessment covers 7 elements of wellbeing, helping you understand where you are today.  You’ll receive a personalised wellbeing report after you complete it.

Wellbeing consultation

Assess your wellbeing with a professional

Choose a coach, book a session, and discuss your wellbeing report. Define a goal and concrete steps forward.

Hintsa App

Turn knowledge into action

Take concrete action to make small sustainable changes with a coaching plan that triggers a cascade of other wellbeing benefits.

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