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Better life. Better performance.

The Hintsa app offers digital coaching plans created by the best coaches in the world. Our approach is holistic, science-based and focused on measurable outcomes.

The app is now in private beta for our clients only.  Contact us for more details!

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coaching plan for you

Whether it be sleep, nutrition physical activity or other areas of need, our coaches provide you with the best evidence-based advice available for making positive change, whilst respecting your unique situation.

Discover & understand
your Core

What drives you in your life? At Hintsa, we start everything from the Core – your inner motivation to reach sustainable change. Exploring your Core encourages you to live a life that looks like you, realise more of your potential, and be true to what matters most to you. This provides you with a motivational backbone for making meaningful changes and is vital for reaching your goals.

Content created by world-class coaches

For businesses

Wellbeing analytics

Our platform is designed to help leaders visualise and understand overall organisational wellbeing in real time to make clear, strategic decisions.

Measurable outcomes

Organisations can track outcomes in real time and measure the impact of wellbeing investments for more efficient use of resources.

Deploy interventions

Managers can identify areas and individuals in need of wellbeing support and deploy targeted interventions accordingly.

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