Making wellbeing part of the strategy

Sofigate aligns growth with wellbeing

Founded in 2003, Sofigate is a pioneer of business technology and leader of IT management. The company helps their customers succeed in leading digitalisation by providing expertise in strategy transformations, technology solutions and management power. Sofigate is a growth company employing more than 500 people in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and UK, with a revenue of 66 million euros in 2017.
Starting point

Supporting rapid growth

In recent years, Sofigate has been growing rapidly while becoming more international. The company sees investing in the wellbeing of their over 520 knowledge workers as an important strategic choice. For sustainable results, growth and wellbeing must go hand in hand. In the autumn of 2017, Sofigate and Hintsa Performance began a partnership aimed at making workplace wellbeing an integral part of the growth company’s strategy.


Aiming for sustainable high performance

The comprehensive cooperation of Sofigate and Hintsa is a combination of expert lectures, exercise activities, digital engagement and personal coaching. One of Hintsa’s Performance Coaches has set up his work station at one of Sofigate’s offices for 2.5 days a week and coaches sofigators on matters related to body and mind maintenance as well as recovery. Sofigators have also had the chance to participate in a wellbeing analysis, which measures stress levels and recovery based on a person’s heart rate variability. In addition, about 20 sofigators have participated in Hintsa’s comprehensive study on the efficiency of knowledge workers. To spread the message of holistic wellbeing as wide as possible, four sofigators have been chosen as the organisation’s wellbeing champions.


Sofigators excited about the new services

The co-operation has produced positive results and expansion is already being planned. According to a recent personnel survey, many felt that they benefited particularly from the coaching and low-threshold services. It was found positive that Sofigate offers an opportunity for personal coaching, which has traditionally been the responsibility of the employees themselves. The co-operation started in Finland, but the services have also been presented to other Sofigate locations in Sweden, the UK and Denmark.

”We wanted to work particularly with Hintsa Performance as their philosophy and methods match well with Sofigate’s core values”

— Linda Alamäki, HR Manager at Sofigate

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