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Anna Andersén

Psychologist, Performance Coach and Mental Wellbeing Specialist​
Masters of Psychology (University of Helsinki), Certified Sports Psychologist

Anna Andersén is a psychologist and performance coach with a passion for mental health and wellbeing. She is a licensed psychologist who got the spark for sports psychology as a competing equestrian. She studied psychology and sports coaching, leading to a career in performance coaching for athletes, artists and corporate clients. 

Beyond psychology Anna has studied a variety of topics related to holistic wellbeing: sports medicine, mindfulness and nutrition.

In her coaching Anna has a strength in mental energy and wellbeing, but through her background in sports medicine she is also able to tie the link to our physical health. Anna talks about topics like:

  • The physiology and psychology of stress
  • Mental health and wellbeing at work
  • Mental health and wellbeing in knowledge work