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Antti Kontsas

Senior Performance Coach
BSc Sport science, MSc Sport management, MSc Strength and Conditioning

I am a performance coach with a particular interest in creating and managing high performance systems for highly motivated individuals. I believe the key elements of a successful system are high quality input, consistency and the ability and openness to reflect and adjust. My own sporting background is in football. I played some matches in the Finnish youth national team and in the Finnish top league but then decided to turn my focus to getting a degree as more of my time was spent doing rehabilitation than playing.
I’ve now been a full-time coach since I joined Hintsa in 2011. I’ve since then been the performance coach of three different athletes in different situations of their career. Playing an important part of the development of a younger F1 driver in a small team showed the importance of creating very strong building blocks for the athlete to lean on to while coaching a multiple world champion has highlighted what it really means to turn every stone to get performance gains. I believe my greatest strength is my passion for learning. We are all a work-in-progress and it’s up to us how much of our potential we end up using. I thrive from working with like-minded athletes and performance specialists from different fields to together find creative performance solutions. On my free time, I can be found mountain biking and skiing in the Swiss and Austrian Alps with my wife.