Benoit Vendeville

Performance Coach
BSc Sports Sciences, European Diploma in Strength and Conditioning

With over 15 years of working in the field, Benoit is an experienced coach specialising in load monitoring, long-term development of physical and mental performance, and post-injury recovery and treatment. At Hintsa, he works mainly with business executives and is able to coach in both English and in French.


In addition to his work at Hintsa, Benoit works with alpine skiers and the Swiss Paralympic Ski Team enjoying the challenge of combining physically demanding regimens with mental training to develop the mental strength and confidence the sport requires. For 5 years, he was also the Head of Strength and Conditioning of the Swiss National Performance Centre for Alpine Skiing.


In his free-time Benoit enjoys gardening, herding chickens, and taking full advantage of his surrounding Alpine regions through skiing and mountain biking. He is also familiar with classical music, as he has played the harp for 12 years.