Heikki Huovinen

Senior Performance Coach
MSc in Sport Physiology, MSc in Sports Psychology

Heikki is a Senior Performance Coach at Hintsa Performance, who’s been with the company from the start – close to 10 years – recruited by Hintsa Performance’s founder Aki Hintsa himself.Heikki spent multiple years in motorsports and on the Formula 1 tracks, coaching e.g. then up-and-coming driver Sebastian Vettel.In recent years, Heikki has moved into corporate coaching, and he’s gained deep expertise in the optimal physiology and psychology of modern knowledge workers – especially those living with daily pressure and a fast-paced lifestyle.

Heikki has deep expertise in all things wellbeing and performance, and with two masters degrees – one in physical health and the other in psychology – Heikki truly embodies Hintsa’s holistic philosophy and can wow almost any client with his expertise.