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Joshua Rivers

Performance Coach
MSc (H) Strength and Conditioning BSc (H) Sports Science and Coaching

Before Hintsa, I started out in rugby coaching with Saracens in their community project. Moving on swiftly I stayed in rugby and moved to Bedford Blues as their Academy S&C Coach. From this, I ventured into the fitness world, utilising all of my newfound talents to help people. I had gained understanding of fundamental underpinning principles through study, and a new insight that to help people as much as I could, 1 hour in the gym would never be enough.

The energy needed to change has to come from somewhere; and for me I rely heavily on my small family and my own version of being mindful (training). They allow me to recharge and refocus weekly. Often I feel I need a refocus, although when I think about my future, it is relatively simple. I am looking forward to moving in with my family and thinking about our future. I know I will make an impact on many people’s future, and I will endeavour to continue making my impact positive.