Salli Tommola

Performance Coach
Masters in Sports Sciences, Expertise in exercise physiology and physical testing

Salli has worked for Hintsa Performance over 4 years. Given her expertise in exercise physiology, she joined to be in charge of Hintsa’s physical tests and assessments, e.g. VO2max testing.

Salli was a competitive dancer on national and world champion level for over a decade, where she personally experienced the importance of mental resilience on physical performance. Salli went on to get a masters degree in Sports Sciences and exercise physiology, with a specialisation in nutrition.

At Hintsa, Salli has worked with a broad range of corporate clients, from basic industry and shift workers, to startups and financial professionals. 

As a coach, Salli has learned and embraced not to have preconceptions: people cannot be categorised or labelled, especially not based on external factors. She approaches each new client with a clean slate, allowing each coaching relationship to take the course it needs.