Sarah Harrington

Performance Coach

My passion for health and performance started with my time as a 400m runner and has progressed with the unique opportunities my careers has given me. I have had the pleasure of working in many different sports from Boxing to Sailing and now Motorsport. I recognize that every person I coach is individual, there is no one approach that fits all. I believe the key to sustainable change and performance is consistency, often it is the small changes done regularly that can make the biggest differences. I thrive off working as part of a team, and like to think I can inspire others as much as they inspire me.

My dynamic and positive approach to coaching creates an environment that enables me to get the best out of the individuals that I work with. I believe that coaching is an organic process and I try to always approach it with an open mind. Outside my life as a coach I have two young children, their zest for life is infectious. As a family we love to spend time outdoors, enjoying the adventures that nature gives us. Often this is in the form of Sport but where possible we take the opportunity to travel and love to explore new places.