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Serge Ekedi

Performance Coach & Executive Mentor
Master's in Business Administration

Born in Paris to a family of scientists, Serge started his academics in psychology and biology and pursued a Master’s in Business Administration later.

With over 25 years of experience as a Senior Executive, Entrepreneur and Advisor, Serge has embraced a genuine passion and curiosity about the human beliefs and emotions at the heart of every change and transformation. This passion led him to develop his skills as a certified coach and trainer in neurolinguistic programming, as well as a certified executive coach and mentor.

His core strengths as a coach are his mindful curiosity, deep listening and ability to reunite both business and sports worlds to inspire leaders, teams and athletes to achieve their goals in a co-creative and collaborative environment.

Serge has been an avid sports enthusiasts for over 30 years, and has practiced martial arts and decathlon at a competitive level. At the moment he is an active triathlete who loves travelling the world to attend challenging events.