Sini Impiö

Performance Coach
Master of Sport Sciences

I’ve been interested in helping people to understand their full potential since I was a physics coach of a competitive group of young talented athletes in track and field over ten years ago. This most awarding mission led to a career among performance and holistic wellbeing. After my graduation from the university I worked for three years at HeiaHeia, a digital wellbeing company, mostly producing wellbeing related content for B2B customers. For the last three years, I’ve expanded my expertise in physical and health education (teacher training) which has broadened my knowledge in individual wellbeing coaching. During the past few years I’ve helped many customers to set goals and change behaviour and also developed our coaching services together with other coaches.

I see myself as an educator and as a kind of a mentor who doesn’t just say “what’s right or wrong”. I’d call my coaching method as a “guided discovery”, where my role is to guide clients to realise the most important factors for their wellbeing. In a nutshell, I see my client as an active participant during the whole coaching path, which has actually proven to be the most effective way to change habits sustainably. My expertise is focused on adapted physical activity, lifestyle changes through habit changes, promotion of holistic wellbeing through values and mobility training to improve posture and performance. In my spare time, I strive to be in nature as much as possible, as it is the most effective way to awaken my creativity and a profound state of relaxation. My goal is to one day say that I have been to every Finnish national park. The second most important goal is to complete my PE and health education teacher studies.