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Suzy Madge

Senior Performance Coach & Core Mentor
MSc in Positive Psychology

Suzy is a much sought-after performance coach and mentor. She works with a broad range of clients from mid-career professionals to senior executives and leaders. She has an uncanny ability to coach and guide clients through personal crises to clarity and passion for the road ahead.​


Her interest in the connection between mind, body, and performance began as a 12-year-old international tennis player. Swapping small yellow balls for big white mountains, she pursued her passions for wellbeing and adventure sports with an MSc in Positive Psychology, leading ski-mountaineering expeditions all over the world. ​She has clearly made a lasting impression: she even has a mountain in Afghanistan named after her, “Koh-e-Suzanna”.​


As a wellbeing and performance psychologist, Suzy’s particular interests are risk, stress, focused attention, core, and meaning. She is also an exceptional speaker and workshop facilitator – supporting, surprising and inspiring audiences and clients with skilfully assertive wisdom.